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Sports events

The place to be for competitors

The staggering cirques, white waters and narrow trails winding round the island make this place the ideal playground for sports’ lovers. Reunion Island is known as the ultimate island, and the sports here are part of the reason why. Those with a competitive spirit are never disappointed! Some of the sports events organised on the island, such as the Grand Raid, are well-known across the globe and these events are eagerly awaited by sportsmen and women from all over the world.

Natural trails

The ramparts and high volcanic formations at the heart of the island form natural trails for those looking for extreme thrills. The more daring sportsmen and women take on the steep paths winding up around the volcanoes in a crazy race. In these green and unique surroundings, runners go head-to-head against the natural elements, while exploring the superb landscapes of the island. Up along the ridges, in the highlands and above the cirques and lagoons, the ultimate island is a land of adventures.

An eagerly awaited event for all

Every year, a well-known event is held on the island, attracting competitors from all over the world: the Grand Raid. This ultra-marathon is made up of four races across the mountains on the island: the Diagonale des Fous, the Trail de Bourbon, the Mascareignes and the Zembrocal.

The Grand Raid attracts both newcomers to trail-running and international champions, in a welcoming atmosphere and incredible surroundings.

A celebration for all Reunion Island locals

The island’s locals are always present to welcome foreign participants, support the locals or just use this event as a good excuse to celebrate! The locals of Reunion cheer on the competitors along the footpaths or in the stands, and Créole music accompanies participants throughout the race. Whether you’re sporty or not, there’s always a good reason to take part in the island’s events, to push your limits or just to enjoy the festive and inviting atmosphere of Reunion Island.