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Pools and waterfalls

on Reunion Island

Refreshing discoveries


Reunion Island abounds with waterfalls and pools surrounded by luxurious nature. There are almost a hundred, scattered all over the island, ensuring a refreshing climate. Some are more accessible than others, by car or hiking, with or without a pond for a tempting swim in a magical setting or simply for contemplating this truly natural paradise.

Waterfalls on Reunion Island

Nestled in a breathtaking natural backdrop, each waterfall and river has an element of surprise. Some, like Trou de Fer, the highest waterfall in the French territory (725 metres) is listed among the most spectacular sites on the planet. It is perfect for high-level canyoning.

A waterfall of activities

In the heart of forests and mountains, in the cirques, in the white waters of the east, rivers and pools are very popular picnic sites, ideal for a range of activities all year round: swimming, canoeing, rafting, canoraft, water hiking and canyoning. The waterfalls, named Langevin or Grand Poulette  Voile de la Mariée, Takamaka, Trou Noir, Niagara, and rivers named Marsouins, des Roches, Bassin de la Mer each have their own unique identify. Inquire before heading out.