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France in the heart of the Indian Ocean

The intense island

Reunion Island is in the Mascarene Islands, in the south-west of the Indian Ocean and is a land of mixed cultures that is both spectacular and bewitching.

Reunion Island is an exotic, grandiose, vibrant, relaxing and protected land, with majestic landscapes, an authentic culture, unique approach to living together as one and flavoursome local cuisine. Reunion Island is a one-of-a-kind island: you can go to encounter humpback wales, relax and unwind at the heart of a UNESCO world heritage site, feel enchanted by the sheer power of the volcano and discover Creole culture and the benefits of a place where everyone lives together in harmony.

On Reunion Island, the elements come together: water, earth, fire and air, inviting the traveller to take part in a unique adventure at the heart of the Indian Ocean.

Welcome to all!

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(Reunion Prefecture)

Travellers coming to Reunion by plane will now benefit from clearer information that is more positive and appealing. The film has been shown since August on Air Austral flights and will be screened from 1 November on Corsair and Frenchbee aircraft, in the airport arrivals terminal and, in a few months’ time, on Air France flights as well. The prefecture consulted with State services and operators to determine the topics to be covered. A joint effort was also launched between the prefecture, the regional council (through the Reunion Island Tourist Board), the Reunion council, the airport and the four airlines operating on the island (Air Austral, Air France, Corsair and Frenchbee). View the video below (Source: Reunion Island Prefecture)

This film presents Reunion in all its diversity, through landscapes ranging from the island’s coastline to its mountain summits, as a reminder of the preventative measures and the rules and regulations that should be kept in mind by visitors to the island (such as refraining from taking coral, checking the weather forecast and not importing or exporting items like fruits and plants).


Access conditions

Four airlines fly to Reunion Island

Reunion Island is an overseas department of France that can be easily accessed via a direct flight from mainland France. Situated in the Indian Ocean, the island combines Creole traditions and the French “art de vivre”.

La Réunion Roland Garros Airport

La Réunion Roland Garros Airport was the first French Overseas airport and the fourth French airport to obtain the Airport Health Accreditation, after Paris Charles-de-Gaulle, Orly and Nice-Côte d’Azur. This rigorous accreditation was issued to the airport on 27th January 2022 by the Airports Council International (ACI). This high-level international accreditation recognises the excellence of health measures implemented in an airport to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic and to ensure the health security of passengers and staff.

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Recharge your batteries in the heart of the Indian Ocean

during the austral summer




Are you fed up with the winter blues? What if you came to Reunion Island and tested the lagoon’s waters in December? With its 29°C waves gently washing over your feet, the Indian Ocean welcomes you into its natural jacuzzi… Sitting on the sand, breathing in the salty ocean air, listening to the noise of the palm trees swaying in the wind that brushes up against your cheeks, the warm sun on your skin: you will be the envy of everyone back home!


The Reunion approch to living together as one