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France in the heart of the Indian Ocean

The intense island

Reunion Island is in the Mascarene Islands, in the south-west of the Indian Ocean and is a land of mixed cultures that is both spectacular and bewitching.

Reunion Island is an exotic, grandiose, vibrant, relaxing and protected land, with majestic landscapes, an authentic culture, unique approach to living together as one and flavoursome local cuisine. Reunion Island is a one-of-a-kind island: you can go to encounter humpback wales, relax and unwind at the heart of a UNESCO world heritage site, feel enchanted by the sheer power of the volcano and discover Creole culture and the benefits of a place where everyone lives together in harmony.

On Reunion Island, the elements come together: water, earth, fire and air, inviting the traveller to take part in a unique adventure at the heart of the Indian Ocean.

Flow of passengers from 09 June 2021


For vaccinated passengers:

  • End of imperative reasons for travel for fully-vaccinated passengers, between mainland France and Reunion Island.
  • Vaccinated passengers are also exempt from self-isolation. The same measures apply to children over 11 years old if they are accompanied by an adult.

For non-vaccinated passengers:

  • Non-vaccinated passengers must justify that they are travelling for imperative personal or family reasons, or for health or professional reasons, which cannot be postponed, in order to authorise travel via public air transport to or from Reunion Island.
  • The passengers concerned must justify their imperative reason by presenting a sworn statement regarding their reason for travel and one or more documents justifying this reason to the airline company when boarding.

The list of imperative reasons is available HERE

  • For non-vaccinated passengers, seven days of quarantine on arrival at home or in a place of their choosing, is highly recommended by the health authorities.
  • The same measures apply to children over 11 years old if they are accompanied by an adult.

Any person of 11 years old and over must present the following when boarding:

  • A negative RT-PCR test result carried out less than 72 hours before travel (or before the last boarding time in the case of transit via Paris) or a negative antigen test result carried out less than 48 hours before travel.
  • A sworn statement testifying that they do not have any Covid-19 symptoms, that they have not been in contact with an infected person in the 14 days prior to travel, that they agree to a virology screening test on arrival and that they agree to adhere to a precautionary seven days of quarantine accompanied by a RT-PCR test on Day 7 after arrival on the island, click HERE
  • Passengers who can justify that they have been fully vaccinated do not have to self-isolate for 7 days or carry out a RT-PCR test at the end of this period.

All flights, other than those coming from mainland France, Mayotte and the French Southern and Antarctic Lands, are subject to a prefectorial authorisation.

For more information on the measures in effect on 09 June 2021, please see:

  • The report from the Reunion Island Prefecture HERE
  • All the information on the Ministry of the Overseas’ website HERE
  • For more information on Covid-19 in Reunion Island, click HERE

When you arrive in Reunion Island

The Reunion Island Prefecture and the Regional Health Authority of Reunion Island appeal to the individual responsibility of each passenger to strictly adhere to the health recommendations.

All protective measures, reopenings (restaurants, hotel restaurants, leisure activities, etc.) can be found on the Reunion Island Prefecture’s website 

Consult the guidelines announced by the Reunion Island Prefecture for the loosening of Covid-19 measures.

From the 18th September 2021

Lockdown will be lifted completely

No restrictions on movement around Reunion Island. You are authorised to move around the island all week long, from Monday to Sunday.


There is a curfew in place from 11pm to 5am all week long, from Monday to Sunday.
Any movement during curfew hours – 11pm to 5am – is subject to presentation of ID and of a temporary or permanent  declaration confirming the necessity to travel. As a reminder, the only accepted reasons for movements during curfew hours are the following: medical reasons, professional reasons, family and personal reasons. Go to the Reunion Island Prefecture website.

Wearing face masks

Face masks must be worn in public areas and in outdoor public venues, as well as in enclosed spaces such as shops, public transport and in any indoor public venue, even if the Health Pass is required. This rule applies to everyone over the age of 12.

Read about all the measures applicable on Reunion Island from the 18th September 2021. (Source: Reunion Island Prefecture)

Answers to your questions:

What are the accepted reasons for travel? What are the travel conditions? Will I have to quarantine for seven days on arrival? What are the penalties for non-compliance regarding the curfew? Which establishments are open? Find all Frequently Asked Questions on the Reunion Island Prefecture’s website.

Other useful links:

The pass sanitaire

The #PassSanitaire is used to access boarding.
It is available in paper or digital format
For more information, click HERE

The health pass on Reunion Island

How will it be applied from the 10th August 2021?

The Prefect of Reunion Island has decided to open any public establishments as long as they require customers present a health pass, both indoors and outdoors (bars, restaurants, gyms). In these establishments, there are no longer limits on the number of customers.

Who is concerned by the health pass on Reunion Island?

  • From the 10th August: anyone over 18 who would like to access the establishments in question.
  • From the 30th August: staff working at these establishments
  • From the 30th September, this will apply to young people from 12 to 17 years old.


Access conditions

La Réunion Roland Garros Airport

La Réunion Roland Garros Airport was the first French Overseas airport and the fourth French airport to obtain the Airport Health Accreditation, after Paris Charles-de-Gaulle, Orly and Nice-Côte d’Azur. This rigorous accreditation was issued to the airport on 27th January by the Airports Council International (ACI). This high-level international accreditation recognises the excellence of health measures implemented in an airport to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic and to ensure the health security of passengers and staff.

Discover the airports of Reunion Island

Recharge your batteries in the heart of the Indian Ocean

during the austral summer




Are you fed up with the winter blues? What if you came to Reunion Island and tested the lagoon’s waters in December? With its 29°C waves gently washing over your feet, the Indian Ocean welcomes you into its natural jacuzzi… Sitting on the sand, breathing in the salty ocean air, listening to the noise of the palm trees swaying in the wind that brushes up against your cheeks, the warm sun on your skin: you will be the envy of everyone back home!


The Reunion approch to living together as one