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France in the heart of the Indian Ocean

The intense island


Reunion Island is in the Mascarene Islands, in the south-west of the Indian Ocean and is a land of mixed cultures that is both spectacular and bewitching.

Reunion Island is an exotic, grandiose, vibrant, relaxing and protected land, with majestic landscapes, an authentic culture, unique approach to living together as one and flavoursome local cuisine. Reunion Island is a one-of-a-kind island: you can go to encounter humpback wales, relax and unwind at the heart of a UNESCO world heritage site, feel enchanted by the sheer power of the volcano and discover Creole culture and the benefits of a place where everyone lives together in harmony.

On Reunion Island, the elements come together: water, earth, fire and air, inviting the traveller to take part in a unique adventure at the heart of the Indian Ocean.

Access conditions

Obligation of improper reasons between Reunion Island and mainland France, Reunion Island and Mayotte from Juanuary 28, 2021.

Travellers must present a negative PCR test taken less than 72 hours before the flight.

When you arrive on Reunion Island, you will have to isolate for 7 days. However, the authorities advise that you take a test on D+2 after your arrival. You must follow the preventive measures and wear a mask.

See below:

The health and safety measures applied on Reunion Island.

A declaratory certificate justifying the overriding reason for the trip by plane for all travelers to Reunion Island

Useful links :

    • Official information on the Reunion Island Prefecture website HERE
    • Questions on how to enter the country HERE 


the terms and conditions of passenger movement

From January 28, 2021 (Reunion Island Prefecture)

Recharge your batteries in the heart of the Indian Ocean

during the austral summer




Are you fed up with the winter blues? What if you came to Reunion Island and tested the lagoon’s waters in December? With its 29°C waves gently washing over your feet, the Indian Ocean welcomes you into its natural jacuzzi… Sitting on the sand, breathing in the salty ocean air, listening to the noise of the palm trees swaying in the wind that brushes up against your cheeks, the warm sun on your skin: you will be the envy of everyone back home!


The Reunion approch to living together as one


Reunion Island is a land of variety, where you can find a diversity of cultures reflecting a rich history and illuminating the daily life in La Réunion. The island’s population is the result of a unique mixture of Asian, Indian, African and European cultures living together in perfect harmony, becoming ever more enriched.