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Airports on Reunion Island

How to get to Reunion Island ?

Where are Reunion Island's airports located ?

Saint-Pierre Pierrefonds Airport

Situated in the south of the island of Reunion, Saint-Pierre Pierrefonds Airport only flies direct to the island of Mauritius. But from this little airport on the island of Reunion, you can travel, via Reunion’s Roland Garros airport or Mauritius, to Madagascar, the Seychelles, Sydney, Noumea, South Africa, Mayotte, Rodrigues, Asia…

If you get the chance, ask to land at Saint-Pierre Pierrefonds airport when making your booking in Reunion. Located near to most of the island’s major tourist sites, it opens the doors wide for you to enjoy what Reunion has to offer. You’ll be less than an hour away from the volcanoes, the Cirque de Cilaos and the island’s wild southern areas…

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