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Dolphin and whale watching

An enchanting dance

Meet the Indian Ocean’s inhabitants

Having an encounter with a marine mammal in its natural habitat is always a moving and unforgettable experience. Several Reunion-based companies offer this type of activity, operating with full respect for the environment and marine species, so that future generations will be also able to enjoy these encounters off the coast of the island…
The stunning waters of Reunion Island naturally contain an abundance of multicoloured fish and corals, but there are also some more imposing visitors! Dolphins and whales flock to the island’s shorelines and visitors are entranced by them.

Globice: new participative science tools for professionals

Just before the 2021 “Whale season”, Globice enhanced its participative science tools and information platforms in order to help spread awareness of the need to protect the cetaceans of Reunion Island.

ObsEnMer application

This app allows an individual carrying a smartphone to indicate any whale spottings to Globice (and Globice alone) in just a few seconds. Here you’ll find the very simple instructions for use. The app can operate off-line and has practically no impact on your smartphone’s battery charge.
Download ObsEnMer for Android HERE
Download ObsEnMer for iOS HERE

“Oté Globice” WhatsApp group

This is an invitation to professional users of this stretch of water to get in direct contact with the Globice scientific team. It provides a very useful channel for alerting us about animals in difficulty, asking questions relating to ecology and cetacean biology, and sharing information with the community.
To join the group directly via your smartphone, click HERE

The KODAL programme

remains active throughout the season to monitor humpback whales with the help of identity photos of their tail fin.
Download the KODAL programme flyer HERE

Globice’s educational descriptions are all available in high definition and downloadable directly from the “Participative Science” page of the Globice website.

Marine mammals

a show but respect the animals

Professionals committed to sharing their passion and enabling exceptional observation conditions that respect the animals.

A charter, a prefectural decree, an awareness-raising team, a label, and more.

All these measures ensure that activities for approaching and observing marine mammals and sea turtles on Reunion Island respect the animals!

A label awarded for commitment to respectful cetacean observation was established in 2013. Currently under review, the label identifies the operators most respectful of animals and the environment since 2020! The choice is yours!

Measures exist to preserve the exceptional wealth of Reunion Island and to ensure that enjoying them is sustainable. We are all accountable for the sustainable and respectful observation of cetaceans. Show us worthy!

A charter for responsible approach and observation

was established in 2009 in Reunion Island. Updated each year by local actors, it features recommendations for respectful approach and observation of animals from a boat and in the water.
Before you go out to sea, read and sign the charter!
>>For more information: Click HERE 

A team for raising awareness team called “Quiétude”

zigzags across water, ensuring peace for the cetaceans and pleasure for watchers!  Don’t hesitate to ask any questions you have about the charter, regulations and animals. The team will be delighted to advise you!
>>For more information: QUIETUDE

Development of regulations for approaching and observing cetaceans

Since January 1, 2021, approach cetaceans within 100 meters (dolphins, humpback whales, sperm whales, etc.) is prohibited in marine protected areas.

The Reunion Island prefect, the government delegate for action at sea, signed a decree on 07 July 2021 to regulate activities for approaching cetaceans.
The decree groups together recommendations in the charter and other subtleties to be consulted before heading out to sea!
>>For more information: Prefecture de La Réunion: Click HERE