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Eating out

Reunion Island’s restaurants

Reunion has a rich culinary tradition inspired by the different ethnic groups that make up the island. During your stay in Reunion Island, treat yourself to a colourful, culinary experience in one of the restaurants that we’ve chosen for you.

Enjoy Reunion cuisine on the go or in the home of a local

There’s nothing like tasting the great specialities of Reunion cuisine to awaken the taste buds of the curious traveller, particularly when cooked by those who do it best: the Reunionese themselves! If you fancy this, don’t be shy: join a tables d’hôtes communal meal or stop off at one of those tiny road-side establishments as you travel around the island…
You’ll get to taste traditional Reunion dishes including an abundance of fish: steamed, grilled or baked swordfish and bream, tuna or marlin tartare, carpaccio or sushi etc.


Savour the delights of Reunion cuisine in a gourmet restaurant

If you prefer to eat in a slightly more formal setting, there are numerous restaurants in Reunion to choose from. The more modest serve simple, tasty cuisine, in the finest Reunion culinary tradition.
Other higher ranking, Restaurateur de France, Restaurant de Tourisme or Qualité Tourisme île de La Réunion certified establishments, offer a reinterpretation of, or modern take on, traditional Reunion cuisine. On the menu: melt-in-your-mouth crab, shrimps with orange and pink grapefruit, crunchy lobster and oyster mushroom ravioli, trout flambéed with vanilla and coconut chicken etc.
While you’re waiting to set off for the island, and to whet your appetite, why not learn more about the basics of Reunion cuisine.