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Intensely adventurous

Explore the landscapes of Reunion island

Reunion Island invites wilderness adventurers to come and experience something unique in the heart of the lush natural environment of the national park, the Pitons, cirques and ramparts listed as UNESCO world heritage sites. There is a wide range of water sports to try out in the sea, the lagoon, and along the beaches, to suit everyone’s tastes. A getaway or a one-of-a-kind adventure to explore the ultimate island, along the trail-running routes for sporty visitors, hiking trails for avid explorers,  scuba diving for those looking to explore the depths of the ocean, swimming in the turquoise lagoon, paragliding for those who want to take to the skies, and canyoning for thrill-seekers.

Activities in the great outdoors

Explore the island and its unsuspecting treasures, in every last nook and cranny of the different territories: sites, exceptional landscapes, breath-taking views, surprising natural habitats and microclimates, all you could possibly need for sports and leisure activities in the great outdoors.

A whole host of activities are available all year round for all, with your safety guaranteed and led by professionals. Whether you’re with your family, with friends, alone, a beginner, thrill seeker, looking for extreme sports, there’s something for everyone.

Some original activities at sea, in the mountains, in the skies and in the white-water rapids.

From the marked trails along the coastline to the lush-green heart of the different territories, you can go hiking on foot, go for a family-friendly walk along the botanical footpaths, horse-riding across the savannah, downhill mountain biking along the Mégavalanche trail, explore the lava tunnels, go climbing in the Trois Salazes peaks, treetop climbing in Makes Forest, an aquatic experience in the white-water rapids, go for a game of golf or fly over the island in a helicopter. And you can even explore the island in a van, 4×4 or a quad bike.

The lagoon is an exceptional place for those looking for relaxation and a dreamlike setting. Laze in the warm sun of the southern hemisphere, on the beaches. Enjoy the twenty-two kilometres of crystal-clear lagoons, along the coastline. The 27°C waters are exceptionally preserved and protected by a coral reef, making it the ideal place for swimming and water-based activities such as paddle boarding, bodyboarding, transparent kayak, snorkelling, with complete peace-of-mind. Enjoy the wonders of the underwater world, and witness the surprising topography of the sea bed: faults, arches… with some breath-taking sights: a clownfish hiding in its anemone, the laced moray eel, stingrays swimming so elegantly, sea turtles and so much more.

Reunion Island is well-known across the world for hiking. There are so many unforgettable walks to do across the island, thanks to the mountainous terrain, a peak at 3,071 metres, the spectacular and active volcano, the majestic cirques of Mafate, Cilaos and Salazie, and the deep forests.  Over 900 km of marked footpaths and three “GR” hiking trails winding across the most beautiful places on the island, including the GRR1, the “Tour du Piton des Neiges” which was named the favourite GR trail of the French in 2019. Don’t miss the “Grand Raid”, one of the most difficult races in the world, and the only ultra-marathon on Reunion Island, that includes four iconic races: The Diagonale des Fous, the Trail de Bourbon, the Mascareignes and the Zembrocal trail (as a relay).

Whether you decide to set off alone or with an experienced guide, there are plenty of itineraries available, so everyone can find the right trail to suit their needs. The Salazie Station de Trail is the only trail-running resort in the southern hemisphere that can offer personalised routes. The mountain gites and table d’hôte services, and atypical accommodation services offer the very best in hospitality and a warm and inviting atmosphere, at the heart of the landscapes”.