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Cilaos - Marla

Walking/pedestrian at Cilaos

11.5 km
  • Col du Taïbit, perched at 2081 metres above sea level, straddles the Cirques de Cilaos and Mafate. It’s the only point linking these two cirques separated by a vertiginous ridge. Very little frequented by the people of Mafate themselves, who... Col du Taïbit, perched at 2081 metres above sea level, straddles the Cirques de Cilaos and Mafate. It’s the only point linking these two cirques separated by a vertiginous ridge. Very little frequented by the people of Mafate themselves, who prefer to go out by the Col des Bœufs, Passage du Taïbit is much appreciated by hikers for its landscapes and impressive viewpoints. Starting from the Ilet à Cordes road in the Cirque of Cilaos, the route to Col du Taïbit takes you through a wide variety of forest landscapes: vestiges of semi-dry vegetation, gradually mixing with the mountain vegetation of highland coloured woods, to reach, near the pass, the low vegetation typical of the peaks of Reunion Island. In this last section, you can enjoy a view down into the whole of the Cirque of Cilaos, the Bonnet de Prêtre (Priest's Bonnet), the famous vertical rocks of the 3 Salazes and the distant steep abutments of the Dimitile massif. Col du Taïbit itself is a unique window to admire the two cirques of Cilaos and Mafate. However, to enjoy a better panorama of the Cirque of Mafate, you need to walk forward a few metres on the Mafate side to reach an exceptional balcony overlooking almost the whole cirque and in particular the islet of Marla which is visible beneath our feet, 600 metres below. This islet, the end point of our hike, lives mainly off livestock farming and tourism. Formerly inhabited by sheep breeders who took advantage of the large open spaces around the islet and Plateau Kelval, it was also an essential staging post for resupplying Cilaos and its thermal baths.
    The islet of Salazes, on the ascent of the Col du Taïbit, formerly abandoned, was brought back to life by a non-profit organisation, the Association des Trois Salazes. The members of the association will offer you herbal teas, including the famous "ascenseur" tea and cakes. You can visit the islet and even pitch your tent there. More info on terms and conditions on site. Before continuing the ascent to the Col du Taïbit, don’t forget to refill your water.
  • Difference in height
    1232.94 m
  • Route interest
    Panoramic viewpoint of the Cirque of Mafate Panoramic viewpoint of the Cirque of Cilaos The diversity of the forests The islet of 3 Salazes and its herbal teas The islet of Marla in the Cirque of Mafate
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  • Did you know ?
    Taïbit and Marla are words of Malagasy origin. Taïbit comes from Taybitro which means "rabbit droppings". Marla originated from Marolahy, a word that translates as "many people". The islet was undoubtedly named around the time of the arrival of sheep breeders from Grand Ilet.
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How to reach the start
First head for Saint Louis, then Cilaos. This road (the RN 5) is known for its many turns and the loop which made it possible to connect the two sections during its construction in 1931. It is also known as the road of 400 bends. Go through Cilaos and pass the church of Notre Dame des Neiges. After the old thermal baths, take the Ilet à Cordes road (D 242) which heads down to the left. Descend the few very tight bends, and after 4 km cross the bridge that spans Bras Rouge. Six hundred metres after this bridge, you’ll see a car park on your left. The trail starts 100 metres further along on the right. Avoid leaving your vehicle here overnight and go for the shuttle bus instead that connects Cilaos to Ilet à Corde (for timetables, inquire at the tourist office at Cilaos). You can also start the hike from Cilaos by taking the porters’ path and then the Bras Rouge waterfall trail. Allow two hours’ extra hiking.
0 km : Cilaos - Marla 0,1 km : Cilaos - Marla 0,2 km : Cilaos - Marla 0,4 km : Cilaos - Marla 0,5 km : Cilaos - Marla 0,9 km : Cilaos - Marla 1,2 km : Cilaos - Marla 1,6 km : Cilaos - Marla 1,9 km : Cilaos - Marla 2,0 km : Cilaos - Marla 2,1 km : Cilaos - Marla 2,2 km : Cilaos - Marla 2,3 km : Cilaos - Marla 2,4 km : Cilaos - Marla 2,5 km : Cilaos - Marla 2,6 km : Cilaos - Marla 2,7 km : Cilaos - Marla 2,7 km : Cilaos - Marla 2,7 km : Cilaos - Marla 2,7 km : Cilaos - Marla 2,8 km : Cilaos - Marla 3,0 km : Cilaos - Marla 3,1 km : Cilaos - Marla 3,2 km : Cilaos - Marla 3,3 km : Cilaos - Marla 3,4 km : Cilaos - Marla 3,5 km : Cilaos - Marla 3,6 km : Cilaos - Marla 3,8 km : Cilaos - Marla 4,1 km : Cilaos - Marla
0 km - The climb to Col du Taïbit is difficult (800 metres of height gained). Remember to take a good supply of water and some cereal bars. Leave the D 242 road and start climbing the steps at the start of the trail. The path climbs rapidly. This will be the case on much of the route.

0.3 km - You quickly gain altitude and the panorama over the Cirque of Cilaos begins to come into view.

0.8 km - This climb is quite steep and you arrive at the eucalyptus indicating the end of this first climb.

0.9 km - The slope is more gentle and you come to the junction for Ilet des Trois Salazes. It’s a good place to rest and refill your water reserves.

1.6 km - You continue the ascent up to the pass with a new climb, then you arrive at a gently sloping section where there is a junction. The trail on the right is marked Cap Bouteille, but you continue straight on towards the pass.

1.9 km - The slope is less severe and you pass Ravine Gobert, then the Ti Louis spring.

2.6 km - After another steep climb, you reach Plaine des Fraises. In season, the ground is carpeted with wild flavourless strawberries (fraises).

2.9 km - At the end of the plain, you continue on a new climb. The landscape becomes impressive. You can even contemplate the ring of Bras Rouge, the vent of the old volcano of Piton des Neiges.

3.1 km - The slope suddenly becomes steep, followed by a slight descent. You’re very close to the pass.

3.2 km - The gentle descent is short, and you continue on the last climb with Col du Taïbit in line of sight, accompanied by superb views on the Cirque of Cilaos.

3.3 km - Here is the oratory that marks the Col du Taïbit.

3.4 km - You’ll be delighted to have reached Col du Taïbit, after climbing more than 800 metres. Enjoy the fine weather to admire the view over Cilaos. In a few metres, you reach the viewpoint over the Cirque of Mafate which is above the start of the trail which goes down towards Marla. Then start your descent to Marla.

3.7 km - You come down first into an acacia forest.

4.1 km - You quickly reach a grassy area and you’d think you’ve arrived at a picnic area.

4.4 km - The slope is steep, and you zigzag your way down, then make the careful crossing of a steep rampart. The rock is hard, but be careful not to slip on loose stones. It all works out fine in the end.

4.6 km - After more tight bends, you pass near the spring below, then pass through the forest of filaos to finally emerge by the Marla reservoir.

5.1 km - The slope is less steep, and you arrive in the centre of Marla.
1233 meters of difference in height
  • Start altitude : 1254 m
  • End altitude : 1254 m
  • Maximum altitude : 2057 m
  • Minimum altitude : 1254 m
  • Total positive elevation : 1233 m
  • Total negative elevation : -1233 m
  • Max positive elevation : 665 m
  • Min positive elevation : -671 m