The Dipavali is a Tamil festival of light. According to Hindu mythology, the gods begged Krishna to rid the world of the demon Naraka who tormented heaven and earth. One night Krishna beheaded the tyrant with his divine disc, the tchakra. At the symbolic level, the night represents the ignorance of the human being of his divine essence and the tchakra the knowledge that cuts through this ignorance.
In Reunion, the Dipavali, one of the most important Tamil festivals, is an opportunity to celebrate Latchimi, Goddess of Light and Prosperity. Believers, in traditional dress, move with candles in a night procession and light small terracotta lamps at home. During the day, neighbors and friends visit each other and exchange pastries.
Most major temples are open to the public during these ceremonies which are accompanied by many events and shows.
Several towns on the island celebrate Dipavali: Saint-Pierre, Saint-Paul, Saint-Denis, but the largest parade of Indian floats and the Indian méla can be visited in Saint-André .