Alcide islet

Walking/pedestrian at Saint-Paul
  • You’ll find this trail on the estate of the biological reserve of Bois de Nèfles, which extends over 179 ha. The last vestiges of the native mountain forest of the Western Highlands, most of it has been cleared for growing geraniums or used for the production of timber. It shows what the vast massif that stretches from Sans-Souci to Tévelave used to be like, passing through Grand Bénare. Numerous trails cross the reserve, including the Alcide islet trail. Restored by the "Bois de Nèfles Découverte" association, this trail passes through undergrowth that’s full of biological treasures. It contains the endemic flora and fauna of Reunion Island. Now part of the Highlands National Park, it receives a little more attention. This islet, of which nothing now remains, bears the name of the man who lived in this area. The story of Vincent Clain Alcide is little known, but it is said that he left Mare à Martin in Cirque of Salazie to come and settle here in 1926. He cleared a few fields around the islet to grow geraniums and vetiver, but an agent from Waters and Forests saw this clearing from Dos d'Ane and began a lawsuit against this illegal occupation of the land. Vincent Clain Alcide was forced to leave the place in 1944 with his family. A few years later, one of the Omega antennas was to be installed in Reunion Island. Among the various projects, one of them involved stretching long steel cables between Alcide islet and Dos d'Âne, above the Rivière des Galets. The Omega trail was then marked out, and a helicopter area created near Alcide islet. A deep hole was dug at Alcide islet to check how solid the rock was. Fortunately, the ground was too friable, and finally the coast of Cambaie was chosen as the location for the Omega antenna, 427 metres high and weighing 800 tons, which would be disassembled in 1999.
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    398.24 m
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  • Halte au vandalisme

    Vos informations ne sont pas mises à jour car la hutte ainsi que divers panneaux explicatifs sur le site n'existent plus car ils ont été vandalisés (hutte incendiée). De plus, certains panneaux indicateurs sont arrachés ou tournés dans la mauvaise direction . De plus, le point de vue sur le cirque de Mafate mériterait d'être entretenu car la végétation qui a poussé masque en partie la vue. Vraiment dommage car la balade est très agréable et accessible à tous.