Hell-Bourg: Manouilh Spring

Walking/pedestrian at Salazie
  • Manouilh, from his real name Lucien Emmanuel Lucilly, died in 1977. First a poacher and then part vagrant, part herbal tea maker, it was in 1916, during a walk in the forest, that he discovered, at the foot of a wall, several hot springs surrounded by deposits of an ochre colour. These waters are heavily laden with dissolved limestone and petrify the nearest plants, thus fossilising the vegetable matter. These waters rise from the depths through fractures visible on the wall at a temperature of approximately 31°C. Also containing iron, the water deposits this iron on the limestone concretions, producing this ochre colour when the iron oxidises.
  • Difference in height
    509.52 m
  • Equipment
    Gourd, raincoat, hiking shoes, warm clothes, energy food, hat.
  • Documentation
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