Roche Ecrite from Mamode Camp

Walking/pedestrian at Saint-Denis
  • Roche Ecrite is one of the premier destinations on Reunion Island. It shares this star status with the volcano, Piton des Neiges, Maïdo and Grand Bénare. This promontory is one of three viewpoints on the island located where several cirques meet. The other two fabulous viewpoints are Grand Bénare and Piton des Neiges. When the weather is fine, Roche Ecrite, located at an altitude of 2276 metres, offers a beautiful view of the Cirques de Salazie and Mafate. On one side, you feel you can touch the sheet metal roofs of Grand Ilet’s shacks (although 1000 metres below), while on the other side stretches the almost virgin Cirque of Mafate and its vast green, jagged expanses. Besides the panorama of Roche Ecrite, the focal point of this hike lies in the beauty of the forest you pass through. You’ll see the highland tamarinds, among the most wonderful in Reunion Island, the superb forest of coloured wood, tree ferns and calumet bamboo, endemic to Reunion Island. The Plaine des Chicots gîte is just below the upper limit of the forest. From this point to the summit, you’re walking on large basalt slabs which, aided by the altitude, leave little room for vegetation. Only high-mountain species, generally bushy ones such as the Branle Vert, grow here, leaving the horizon free to see the Indian Ocean and the northern coast of the island. Returning from the summit, you can make a detour to the Mare aux Cerfs (deer pond). It was so named after the introduction of Java deer in 1750 in the Plaine des Chicots and Plaine d’Affouches. Victims of poaching, they are now rare in the massif. On the other hand, since the 1980s there has been some deer breeding, and in 2007 Reunion Island had a herd of about 2200 hinds across 14 farms.
  • Difference in height
    1050.41 m
  • Route interest
    -The forests of highland tamarinds, coloured wood and calumet bamboo ‘-The outstanding viewpoint of Roche Ecrite over the Cirques de Mafate and Salazie
  • Equipment
    Gourd, raincoat, hiking shoes, energy food, warm clothes, sunscreen, flashlight, bandages, hat, detailed maps.
  • Did you know ?
    1/Graffiti and names cover the surrounding rocks, giving this site the name 'Roche Ecrite' (written rock). This tradition has existed for a long time, but today we ask you not to add any new writing and to leave the site as it is. 2/This hike is located in the Roche Ecrite Nature Reserve, which is itself part of La Reunion National Park. The reserve was created at the end of 1999, covering an area of 3635 ha. It includes Plaine des Chicots, Plaine d’Affouches and the Hauts de la Montagne (highlands). The objective was to preserve the flora of the massif, be it the endemic coloured woods or orchids, and the Tuit-Tuit, a very rare endemic bird in danger of extinction. As with all hikes, take your waste back with you, including biodegradable waste that attracts predators (rats and cats) of the endemic wildlife.
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