Fire walking

or Pandialé festival

You’re guaranteed to feel enchanted by this change of scenery

As every year, the main fire walking, glorify, from December to January, the purity of the Hindu goddess Pandialé who did not hesitate to brave the flames to prove her loyalty. Some walks are also held during the year.
After seventeen days of Lent (rites and prayers), and a long procession on the waterfront or in a river, the penitents are willing to face the fire test in exchange for God’s grace.

The tikouli, the pit where the fire is made, is dug in advance, on the day of the event, the sanctified site (offerings, coconuts, lemons, spices, etc.) is strewn with flower petals. Then the priest opens the ceremony by walking barefoot on hot coals. He then marks the penitents on the forehead with a red powder, before each one takes his turn walking over the coals. Some walk over them carrying a karlon (throne of the gods) or any other object of worship.
The ceremony ends with the sacrifice of goats and roosters in thanks.
Enjoy an exciting moment, in the heart of Indian culture, several temples welcome the faithful of the Tamil community for a fire walk. These celebrations usually start at 6:00 p.m. and are open to the public provided they show discretion and respect.
- On 7 December : Primate in Sainte-Clotilde
- On 14 December: Pandialé in Piton Saint-Leu
- 21 December : Bernica, Bois-Rouge and Trois-Bassins
- the 1st of January : Cauldron in Sainte-Clotilde, Saline- les-Hauts, Beaufonds in Saint-Benoit, Colossus in Saint-André, Doulorbadi Amman in Piton Saint-Leu, Draubédé in Bois d’Olive, Barracks in Saint-Pierre
- On 2 January : Ravine Creuse in Saint-André, the Gol in Saint-Louis, Gate in Saint-Leu - Stella in Saint-Leu
- 3 January : the Pond in Sainte-Marie
- on 14 July: the slippery ravine in Sainte-Rose
- On 15 August : Villèle in Saint-Gilles-les-Hauts
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