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Blue vanilla,

Is a variety of vanilla like no other

You’ve most certainly heard of the sweet Bourbon vanilla but have you ever heard of blue vanilla? We’re going to tell you all you need to know about this exceptional spice that is used by the greatest chefs.

A story about Reunion Island know-how

Reunion Island is well-known by those with a sweet tooth, because it’s one of the biggest producers of Bourbon vanilla. But that’s not all! For a few years now, we’ve been hearing about blue vanilla at some of the best restaurants. But what exactly is it? It is in fact a very specific technique, invented by the passionate producers at L’Escale Bleue. It’s not about boiling or drying the pods; they are aged for two years. What’s the goal? To allow the plant to absorb aromas and flavours without using any chemicals!
The pods obtained after this aging period are nothing like traditional vanilla pods because they become entirely edible.


Did you know ?

In 2011, the process to obtain this precious blue vanilla was officially patented. In 2016, the International Taste & Quality Institute awarded it three stars at the “Superior taste awards” with the comment “exceptional product”.

Why is it called “blue vanilla” ?

This name was given by its creators, to pay tribute to their dear island! In the past, the locals of Reunion Island said a plant was “blue” if it was in good health. Blue vanilla is a spice that is full of life and full of flavour!

Learn all about the secrets of blue vanilla

with Nicole and Aimé from L’Escale Bleue