Aurere - Deux-Bras

Walking/pedestrian at Salazie
  • The first inhabitants of Aurère, whether the first “Marrons” or later Nicolas Lemarchand, all arrived at Aurère via the Bras des Merles. It was the only possible way through at that time to access the islet of Aurère. Subject to the changing weather conditions and heavy rains, this passage through the Bras des Merles was not practicable all year and the inhabitants of Aurère were often isolated from the world. Other trails currently open, such as the Scout Trail or the Augustave Channel, did not exist until the 1970s. Fortunately, for a long time, there was another trail from Deux Bras, which has now been greatly improved by the ONF between the Cabris spring and Bord Bazar. Passing through three slopes, the Fougère slope, the Palmiste slope and the Bamboo slope, it has for several decades been the path most used by the Mafatais from Aurère and Ilet à Malheur. At no point monotonous, this remarkable trail is doable all year and offers fantastic viewpoints of the Cirque of Mafate, Bras d’Oussy, Piton Tortue and Piton Carré. The Cape Miné passage is a marvel where you can admire the beauty of Mafate. This passage retains the marks of the bore holes that made it possible to blow up the rock, hence its name of Cap Miné. All along the path you’ll find changing vegetation, mixing bamboos and vacoas, jamblon, guava, common guava, as well as many endemic species.\r
    You can plan a two-day circuit to Aurère. The first day, climb via Bras des Merles or Grand Place, Ilet à Bourse and Ilet à Malheur. Returning the next day by this trail from Bord Bazar is ideal.
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    818.26 m
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  • Une bonne balade en trail

    A refaire et en plus une bonne adresse chez libelle François !!!