Cassé de la rivière de l'Est

Walking/pedestrian at Sainte-Rose
  • Situated in the same caldera as Plaine des Sables, Fond de la Rivière de l'Est is as surprising as the contrast between these two neighbouring areas is marked. The mixture of fanjans and immense highland tamarinds contrasts with the arid nature of the Plaine des Sables. This exuberant vegetation has colonised the edges of this great plain which is the Fond de la Rivière de l'Est between 1700 and 2000 metres of altitude. Then the savannah invaded more arid areas (Savane Cimetière near Cassé de la Rivière de l’Est).
  • Difference in height
    14.38 m
  • Equipment
    Gourd, raincoat, warm clothes, hiking shooes, energy food, hat.
  • Documentation
    GPX / KML files allow you to export the trail of your hike to your GPS (or other navigation tool)
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