La Nouvelle - Trois Roches - Roche Plate

Walking/pedestrian at La Possession
  • Reunion Island is simply teeming with beautiful places and two of the most beautiful are undoubtedly Trois Roches and Plaine aux Sables. Trois Roches is known for being the most beautiful place in Mafate. It's where extremely hard and polished lava covers the basalt in the bed of la Rivière des Galets. The river then flows through a deep rift into a beautiful waterfall, in front of which sit three huge blocks of basalt: Trois Roches. As for Plaine aux Sables, it's hard to describe its beauty in a few words. These two places where solitude, beauty and romance prevail make this hike a must if you decide to visit Mafate.
    As you cross the sumptuous Plaine Aux Sables, you can stop at the tomb of Luçay and his son Vincent where there are always flowers. They represent the heavy price (165 dead) paid by Reunion Island during the cyclone of 1948.
  • Difference in height
    475.28 m
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