Le Chemin des Anglais (La Possession)

Walking/pedestrian at La Possession
  • This route was traced out in 1730 by Mr Dumas to make it easier for ox carts to make the journey between La Possession and Saint-Denis. The road was brought into service in 1732 under the name Chemin Dumas. It was not yet paved at that time. The paving work on this basalt stone road began in 1767 and ended in 1775. It was Mr Honoré De Crémont who was in charge at the time and who requested that the road linking La Possession to Saint-Denis should be paved with basalt stones and in places lined with low drystone walls. It was the first road built on Reunion Island. It was named Chemin Crémont. During the war which brought them into conflict with France in the Indian Ocean, the English conducted two initial battles in 1809, one at Sainte-Rose in August and the other at Saint-Paul in September. But it was in 1810 that they definitively won this war at the Battle of Plateau de la Redoute: on 8 July 1810, when the bulk of the English troops landed at La Grande Chaloupe. More than 3000 soldiers took the paved path between La Grande Chaloupe and Plateau de la Redoute to reach the capital, Saint Denis. Nowadays, the Chemin des Anglais can be taken from La Possession to Saint Bernard in the Hauts de Saint Denis. An intermediate stop is possible at Grande Chaloupe. The La Possession-Grande Chaloupe section is the longest part. You start with a very steep climb so you quickly find yourself on the top of the cliff. From there, the path becomes more horizontal, except during the descents and ascents of gullies. The Grande Chaloupe-Saint Bernard section also begins with a steep climb, longer than from the La Possession side. The path is also narrower. The views down over the coast are magnificent.
  • Difference in height
    1057.48 m
  • Route interest
    The lazaretto (isolation hospital), the paved path and its history Views of the coast and the coastal road The semi-dry forest
  • Equipment
    Gourd, Hat, Sunscreen.
  • Did you know ?
    To combat the loss of biodiversity, a programme to restore semi-xerophilous habitats of the La Montagne massif has been under way since 2009, in partnership with the La Reunion National Park, the Coastal Conservatory, DEAL, the Regional Council and the General Council. This programme, called LIFE+COREXRUN, consists of restoring 30 hectares of vegetation and reconstituting 9 hectares where the vegetation has recently disappeared. At Grande Chaloupe, a stop at the lazaretto lets you feel the history, during the period of engagism. After the abolition of slavery in 1848, the planters needed manpower and so turned to engagism. Many workers came from India. These isolation hospitals were then built in the 19th century to serve as a quarantine area and thus protect Reunion Island from epidemics. The two lazarettos, closed around 1935, were built to a common model: an infirmary, a cemetery and longhouses to accommodate the migrants taken on. The buildings were restored in 2012.
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    possession grande chaloupe 1H30 grande chaloupe Saint Bernard 45min Saint Bernard la redoute 2H30 total 4h45. Très beau parcours la jonction entre Saint Bernard et la Redoute n'est pas indiqué. bien prévoir son eau et ses bars de vitamine surtout si vous effectuez ce parcours un dimanche aucune boutique ne sera ouverte.