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On Reunion Island, whether you take the high roads or the low roads, through the villages or across the mountains, you’ll discover the amazing mix of origins of the local people who have built on their differences to create our island’s unique identity based on a spirit of togetherness you’ll experience nowhere else. Every resident of Reunion Island has an innate pride for their island and the values of the Creole culture. A culture expressed in our language, Reunionese Creole, as well as our architecture, gastronomy, music, dance, traditions and expertise. It is visible from day to day in our way of life and handed down through the generations.

Reunion is an intensely authentic island. Its Asian, African, Indian and European origins have generated a fabulous example of how to live together, each resident reflecting to perfection an amazing melting pot of warm, friendly and unique people. People who share a remarkable art of living and care about their traditions and expertise.

All over the island, the people of Reunion are eager to preserve our heritage, expressed in a whole diversity of creative activities that are part of our everyday lives. Everybody contributes to showcasing the different facets of Reunion’s cultures and traditions.

View their video portraits to get to know these locals with a passion, traditional craftspeople and modern creators. They lead us into the intimacy of their workshops and studios to share their expertise, pass on their passion and offer visitors a fabulous experience.

Under the spotlight:

  • the tinsmith, who makes objects from tinplate;
  • dominoes, the traditional game that unites friends and families to share quality time together the Creole way.



Coup de projecteur sur :

  • le ferblantier : celui qui fabrique des objets en fer-blanc ;
  • les dominos : jeu traditionnel qui rassemble famille et amis pour un moment convivial dans une ambiance créole ;
  • The fonnkér: (heart) which designates the modes of expression in Reunion Creole to express a state of mind, through poetry or music;
  • The kayamb: instrument used in the traditional music of Reunion Island.
  • The “Chinese” boutique: a place steeped in history.

    To follow, other portraits!


les vidéos des traditions et des savoir-faire à La Réunion

the tinsmith

The first video is about the tinsmith

We take you inside Jany’s workshop in the Trois-Lettres district of Saint-Leu. Through his ancestral profession he makes watering cans, coffee sieves, gingerbread trim and other items.

dominoes game

The second video is about the dominoes game

We introduce you to fans of dominoes, an essential distraction enjoyed by families and groups of friends that offers a perfect opportunity to get together and forget about life.


The third video is dedicated to fonnkèr.

Fonnkèr (bottom of heart, bottom of the soul) designates the Creole modes of expression which allow a state of soul to be externalized, in particular Reunion Creole poetry within meetings called kabar poèm. The poets are fonnkézer.

The kayamb

The fourth video is dedicated to kayamb

Discover the wealth of know-how, traditions and art of living found on Reunion Island. We take you to meet Jean-Noël who has been making kayambs for 40 years, an instrument used in the traditional music of Reunion Island.

The "Chinese" store

The fifth video is dedicated to the “Chinese” store.

We take you to meet the brothers Eric and Patrick Lon Mon Poy who run a century-old “Chinese shop”, a place steeped in history inherited from their father.

The geranium

The sixth video is dedicated to geranium.

We take you to meet Anne-Gaëlle Fontaine who grows rose geranium on the family farm in Grand-Tampon.