Land of Mist

Lever de soleil Maïdo

Adventurers and backpackers are known for their pronounced taste for freedom.

Often, their happiness involves disconnecting from city life and returning to nature. If you're like that, the peaks of the Land of Mist await.
Once on the rooftop of the Indian Ocean, an intense feeling of serenity fills the body and spirit. Your lungs fill up and your eyes travel to infinity. Breathe in deeply and contemplate the breath-taking panoramas. The decidedly rural heights of Reunion Island invite you to an adventure involving calmness, simplicity and contemplation.
If you start feeling cold, the laidback Creole art of living will warm you up again, over a friendly meal with the inhabitants.

Taste the freedom of the peaks

Tired of the constant frenzy of city life? Need a change of scenery?  Turn off your phone in the Land of Mist and you will hear another call. It's the call of simple and pure nature, where the most beautiful things are also the simplest. The call of a world where clouds brush the peaks and dance amongst the treetops. Far from daily life and its chores, you soon forget about tweets and rediscover the chirping of the birds; you shed virtual 'likes' for genuine loves in the countryside. Get used to the cool of the Heights and savour the incomparable freedom of the peaks.
On the rooftop of Reunion Island, plunge into an authentic and timeless atmosphere. Take part in a Creole cooking class, listen to a Maloya concert or go out onto the plains, on foot or horseback. Intense moments of wonder and poetry that will deepen your understanding of the world and yourself. Choosing the Land of Mist means reconnecting with what is essential.

Contemplation and introspection

The opposite of the bubbly and festive character of the coastal region, the calm and serenity of the Heights invites the traveller to observe. Once the sea of clouds has been swept away by the wind, superb panoramas are revealed: From the Fenêtre des Makes (Window of the Makes) you can contemplate the Cilaos cirque while from the Maïdo you have a superb view of Mafate… There are so many high-up places where you can look out over the emblematic countryside of the cirques, peaks and cliff walls of Reunion Island. Warning for solo adventurers: a pair of binoculars and a camera will be your best friends if you are to take full advantage of the amazing sights.
When evening comes, fire crackles in the Creole huts and the wind whistles through the trees. In this peaceful, guileless atmosphere, nature shows the attentive traveller a thousand and one details.
Safely away from the light pollution of the cities, the Island's heights are also a terrific place to observe the night sky when conditions are clear. Beneath the celestial vault, the nature of the trip changes, ultimately passing within. You will be surprised at how clear your mind becomes, and how you are left with a feeling of lightness and a taste of the infinite. After a good night's sleep, the beauty of the Heights can be appreciated at dawn, with an unforgettable sunrise. From the cliff tops, you have a front-row view of one of the most beautiful sights on Reunion Island.

The Creole art de vivre

The Heights are not only renowned for their natural freshness, they are also renowned for their human passion! The hollows at the top of the peaks, the Land of Mist, offer curious travellers an immersion in Creole culture. Accompanied by locals, you can explore a preserved rural way of life, in harmony with nature. Let their know-how guide you and keep your ears open so you don't miss any of their customs and traditions - the real wealth of the inhabitants of Reunion Island. This singular Creole identity can be found in the Heights, where each encounter is unique.
Setting out to explore the Heights, means enjoying life at the same pace as the inhabitants. Stay in a bed and breakfast, a lodge or a caravan so you can fully appreciate the friendly atmosphere. Why not get stuck in and share a typical meal with a Creole family? Between courses, your taste buds will soon realise that the warmth is not only in their hearts!