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the musical heart and soul of Reunion Island

An art combining music, singing and dancing

Maloya is a blend of music, singing and dancing. This tradition has been passed on for generations on Reunion Island.
Since 2009, Maloya features on the selective list of Intangible World Cultural Heritage, certified by UNESCO. What a great tribute to this performance that brings together the people of Reunion and visitors to the island.

Between popular culture and rebellion

Originally, Maloya on Reunion Island was a far cry from the joyful sounds we are used to hearing today! It was created as a means to express the pain and rebellion of the Malgache and African slaves. Maloya was a way to let out all the bitterness that was felt at the time in the sugar plantations.
Maloya has been passed down from generation to generation, to celebrate the ancestors, and it has become a blend of musical genres over the years. Thanks to influences from poetry, slam, rock, reggae, jazz and even electronic music, Maloya has been revived to now blend traditional musical instruments such as the roulèr, kayamb, pikèr or the sati or triangle!

Did you know ?

The word Maloya comes from the Malgache term “maloy aho” which means “to speak”.

Along with Sega, Maloya is another iconic musical genre of Reunion Island, and contributes to the overall festive atmosphere on the ultimate island! It is even taught as a specialist subject at the Conservatoire de La Réunion !

The story is just beginning !

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