Cimetière Marin de Saint-Paul

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  • “Between the Chaussée Royale and the Baie du Meilleur Ancrage, this Sailor’s Cemetery fascinates its visitors.

    With its alleys lined with coconut palms and flowering frangipani trees, this picturesque cemetery harbors the memory of “z'endormis,” (a local chameleon).

    Overlooking a black sand beach, it is known to be the final resting place of many pirates. Among them, the famous Olivier Levasseur known as “La Buse”, (the Hawk) who scoured the Indian Ocean in the eighteenth century.

    His treasure, never found again, is supposedly hidden on one or more southwestern islands in the Indian Ocean. Legend has it that when he was up on the scaffolding with a rope around his neck, he threw a cryptogram into the crowd, shouting “My treasure for the one who can find it!”
    In accordance with a wish expressed in his poems “Le Manchy” and “Si l’Aurore” [If the Dawn], the Parnassian poet Leconte De Lisle has also been buried there since 1977 when his remains were transferred from the cemetery of Montparnasse in Paris

    The graves of the poet Eugene Dayot and the painter Arthur Grimaud are also located there.

    “Now, in the dry sand of our shores,

    Under the couch grass, with the sound of the seas,

    You lie among the dead who are dear to me,

    O charm of my first dreams!”

    Charles-Marie LECONTE DE LISLE (1818-1894)
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