Forêts de Bébour-Bélouve

Forest ,  Remarkable places at La Plaine-des-Palmistes

  • From the Col de Bebour pass you can gaze over a vast landscape which extends from the soaring Piton des Neiges to a large expanse of woodland. Visiting Bebour is to journey into a world of primary mountain forests. Dripping with vegetation, full of twisted and tangled trees covered with epiphytic plants, the forest seems like a mystical labyrinth in which tree ferns flourish. Belouve forest blankets the plateau overlooking the southern caldera ring of Salazie cirque. Its emblematic tree is an endemic acacia, known locally as Tamarin des hauts, whose majestic bearing, when shrouded in mist, creates a ghostly atmosphere. Its valuable timber has traditionally supplied the local woodworking industry. These indigenous mountain forests are amongst the island’s largest. Their remarkable biodiversity gives them pride of place at the heart of the national park and as part of the UNESCO World Heritage site. There is a range of hiking trails for all levels and abilities. It is important to stay informed about weather conditions, public authority authorisations, and be equipped for hiking (water, hat, etc.).
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