Mare à Joncs

Basin ,  Remarkable places at Cilaos

  • In the heart of the Cirque Cilaos at 1200 metres above sea

    The Mare à Joncs is a few steps from the city center. This place invites you to relax. There are dining areas, a snack bar, and a bar for visitors. One can stroll along the pond. There is abundant aquatic vegetation (water hyacinth, papyrus, persicaire, etc.). The fauna is represented by the moorhen and other amphibians. There are different species of birds that come to feed near this area (the salangane, kingfisher, sparrow, cardinal, the swallow ...). Water activities are organized (electric boat rides, pedal boat, etc. Depending on the weather, the pond becomes a mirror, and you can see the reflections of the natural walls of the cirque.
  • All year