Dimitile by the Bayonne Trail

Walking/pedestrian at Entre-Deux

10.3 km
7h 30min
Dimitile par sentier Bayonne-1.jpgVue sur les dernières cases de l'Entre Deux au début de la montée
Dimitile par sentier Bayonne-2.jpgLe sentier mène vers la crête
Dimitile par sentier Bayonne-3.jpgDans la deuxième partie, montées et descentes sont proches de l'escalade
Dimitile par sentier Bayonne-4.jpgLes Echelles du sentier Bayonne
Dimitile par sentier Bayonne-5.jpgLes Echelles du sentier Bayonne
Dimitile par sentier Bayonne-6.jpgLa forêt primaire entre 1500 et 1800 m d'altitude
Dimitile par sentier Bayonne-7.jpgMontée raide
Dimitile par sentier Bayonne-8.jpgPassage délicat
Dimitile par sentier Bayonne-9.jpgVue sur Cilaos
Dimitile par sentier Bayonne-10.jpgVue sur Cilaos
Dimitile par sentier Bayonne-11.jpgLe sentier délicat sur le bord du rempart de Cilaos
Dimitile par sentier Bayonne-12.jpgVue sur la crête du rempart du Bras de Cilaos
Dimitile par sentier Bayonne-13.jpgVue vers l'Entre Deux
Dimitile par sentier Bayonne-14.jpgForêt primaire humide et sentier glissant peu avant la montée finale
Dimitile par sentier Bayonne-15.jpgVue sur le cirque de Cilaos depuis le belvédère
Dimitile par sentier Bayonne-16.jpgVue vers l'Entre Deux depuis le belvédère
Dimitile par sentier Bayonne-17.jpgLe belvédère est à la verticale du cirque de Cilaos
Dimitile par sentier Bayonne-18.jpgLe camp Dimitile
Dimitile par sentier Bayonne-19.jpg
  • The Bayonne Trail is one of the most difficult paths due to the substantial gradient (with a cumulative positive difference of more than 1700 m), and especially the quality of the trail. But it’s also one of the most beautiful because on most of the route you overlook first Bras de Cilaos and then Cirque of Cilaos. The ONF points out on the departure board: 'very difficult path, reserved for experienced walkers', as well as a time of 7 hr 30 for a distance of 8.5 km.
    The Bayonne Trail contains many narrow and dizzying sections, dangerous, slippery sections, and several ladder sections. Progress in the second part, in the “sawtooth”, is very trying and the final part is more like climbing (no steps). You have to be in good physical condition because the trail is very difficult: long with vertiginous sections. Leave very early and wear good boots and something to protect yourself from the rain, cold and sun. A personal emergency kit is essential given the difficulties along the trail. Take at least 2 litres of water and a little sugar.
  • Difference in height
    1626.16 m
  • Documentation
    GPX / KML files allow you to export the trail of your hike to your GPS (or other navigation tool)
How to reach the start
Head for Entre-Deux then, at the entrance to the village just before the stadium, take a left towards Grand Fond Extérieur. Follow the sign for Le Bayonne and park your vehicle near the sign indicating the start of the trail.
0,5 km : Dimitile par Sentier Bayonne 1,2 km : Dimitile par Sentier Bayonne 6,1 km : Dimitile par Sentier Bayonne 7,5 km : Dimitile par Sentier Bayonne 7,8 km : Dimitile par Sentier Bayonne 8,5 km : Dimitile par Sentier Bayonne 8,5 km : Dimitile par Sentier Bayonne 8,8 km : Dimitile par Sentier Bayonne
0 km: The start of the trail is well marked, and you are warned of the difficulty.

0.3 km: The steep path leads you quickly to the ridge.

0.6 km: The path heads away from the ridge.

1.0 km: The path rises quickly and you start to have a good aerial view of the last shacks of Entre Deux.

1.3 km: You’re back on the ridge and, throughout this ascent, you’ll never be very far from the ridge and the rampart edge.

1.7 km: You cross from one side to the other of the ridge and have superb panoramas over Bras de Cilaos and its Islets, including Petit Serré.

3.5 km: After a short ascent on slippery ground, you arrive at Plateau Raisin.

6.2 km: You’ve reached the edge of Cirque of Cilaos, where the view is stunning. Now, there’s a succession of perilous and very demanding ascents and descents.

7.5 km: After descending and climbing a number of ravines, you’re now at the bottom of the last one. Take a break before attacking this last climb because it’s absolutely formidable as it’s very steep and very difficult.

8.2 km: The climb is over and the viewpoint not far off.

8.7 km: You’ve reached the viewpoint over the Cirque of Cilaos. You can continue on your way to Camp Dimitile located 600 m away.
1626 meters of difference in height
  • Start altitude : 680 m
  • End altitude : 1792 m
  • Maximum altitude : 1795 m
  • Minimum altitude : 525 m
  • Total positive elevation : 1626 m
  • Total negative elevation : -515 m
  • Max positive elevation : 342 m
  • Min positive elevation : -148 m