Pic d'Adam

Walking/pedestrian at Saint-Denis

6.5 km
Pic d'Adam-1.jpgParking du terminus de la route de Bois de Nèfles
Pic d'Adam-2.jpgDébut du sentier à droite
Pic d'Adam-3.jpgLa ravine des Patates à Durand au fond à gauche
Pic d'Adam-4.jpgMontée en sous bois très dense, près d'une canalisation
Pic d'Adam-5.jpgPuis succède une fôret de cryptomérias
Pic d'Adam-6.jpgLa montée continue dans un sous bois épais
Pic d'Adam-7.jpgLa montée continue dans un sous bois épais
Pic d'Adam-8.jpgEn surplomb de la ravine Blanche
Pic d'Adam-9.jpgLa progression sur une arête sous le soleil, entouré de branles.
Pic d'Adam-10.jpgBifurcation entre la boucle du Pic d'Adam et le sentier qui continue vers la Roche Ecrite
Pic d'Adam-11.jpgLe sentier continue en faux plat avec de jolis points de vue sur Saint-Denis avant de redescendre
Pic d'Adam-12.jpgLe sentier descend d'abord le long de la ravine Cateau couverte de fougères arborescentes, avec de superbes points de vue
Pic d'Adam-13.jpgLe point de vue du Pic d'Adam offre une vue panoramique incroyable depuis le Barachois à gauche et presque jusqu'à Saint-André tout à droite
Pic d'Adam-14.jpgFin de la descente du Pic d'Adam dans une végétation touffue
Pic d'Adam-15.jpgArrivée à l'aire de pique-nique
  • This circuit of Pic d’Adam is truly extraordinary. Very well known, it reveals over half its course wonderful viewpoints over Saint Denis and its highlands, and sometimes you can see as far as Saint André. It’s best to make the climb to the right of the loop in order to take in all the viewpoints on offer during the descent to the left. The other benefit of this approach is that you’ll be climbing in the shade, amid luxuriant vegetation where guava, tamarind, coloured wood, eucalyptus, longose and fanjan grow side by side. The Pic d’Adam viewpoint itself is one of the most wonderful on the north-west coast. This trail is another way to reach Roche Ecrite, joining the path that connects Le Brûlé (Mamode Camp) with Gîte de la Roche Ecrite. The return to the car park is via the concrete road below the picnic area, then the shortcut that crosses the cane field and the pineapple field below.
    The car park located at the end of the road on the heights of Bois-de-Nèfles Sainte-Clotilde isn’t that big. It’s generally crowded on Sundays and public holidays, as this trail attracts lots of hikers and raiders on the one hand, while plenty of locals enjoy the picnic area located a little higher up. Unless you get there at sunrise nowadays, it’s best not to do this hike on Sundays or public holidays.
  • Difference in height
    618.32 m
  • Equipment
    Gourd, raincoat, hiking shoes, warm clothes, energy food, sunscreen, flashlight, hat, detailed maps.
  • Documentation
    GPX / KML files allow you to export the trail of your hike to your GPS (or other navigation tool)
How to reach the start
At Saint-Denis, take Boulevard Sud, then head for the clinic of Sainte-Clotilde. Go up this road and follow the signs to reach Bois de Nèfles. Pic d’Adam is then signposted all along the road to the car park at the end. At Saint-Denis, take Boulevard Sud, then head for the clinic of Sainte-Clotilde. Go up this road, and follow the signs to reach Bois de Nèfles. Pic d’Adam is then signposted all along the road to the car park at the end.
0 km : Pic d'Adam 0,1 km : Pic d'Adam 0,3 km : Pic d'Adam 0,5 km : Pic d'Adam 1,1 km : Pic d'Adam 1,6 km : Pic d'Adam 2,0 km : Pic d'Adam 2,3 km : Pic d'Adam 2,3 km : Pic d'Adam 2,6 km : Pic d'Adam 2,9 km : Pic d'Adam 3,1 km : Pic d'Adam 3,2 km : Pic d'Adam 3,8 km : Pic d'Adam 4,6 km : Pic d'Adam 5,0 km : Pic d'Adam 5,0 km : Pic d'Adam 5,4 km : Pic d'Adam 5,7 km : Pic d'Adam 6,0 km : Pic d'Adam
0 km - Leave the car park and walk up the concrete road for 200 metres.

0.2 km - At junction 1, start the loop to the right, as indicated on the panel installed by the ONF.

0.9 km - The trail climbs gently into the thick vegetation, then you arrive at junction 2 with a dead-end road. To the right, the path leads to the heart of Ravine Blanche, where a water catchment has been constructed Continue straight ahead.

2.3 km - The trail continues to rise along Ravine Blanche until arriving at a first viewpoint, and you’d think that was the end of the climbs.

2.5 km - The trail descends somewhat through beautiful fanjans, then climbs back up.

3.0 km - Last fairly long climb through a more desert-like landscape consisting of thickets and shrubs. You can begin to admire the views towards the east.

3.3 km - Arrive at junction 2, among tamarinds and fanjans. A trail continues straight on towards Roche Ecrite. Take the path on the left.

3.8 km - Continue on a slight slope, with views towards Saint-Denis and Pic d'Adam.

4.0 km - The path turns towards Pic d’Adam and you start to descend.

5.0 km - Pass close to Pic d’Adam and continue the descent. The views are fantastic.

5.5 km - Arriving at junction 3, head for the Pic d'Adam viewpoint. After 100 metres, you’ll discover an exceptional view stretching from La Redoute to Saint-André.

6.2 km - Continue the descent through denser vegetation.

6.7 km - You’re back at the picnic area, a great place to have something to eat.

7.1 km - Back at junction 1, another 200 metres of concrete road to reach the car park.
618 meters of difference in height
  • Start altitude : 722 m
  • End altitude : 741 m
  • Maximum altitude : 1226 m
  • Minimum altitude : 720 m
  • Total positive elevation : 618 m
  • Total negative elevation : -600 m
  • Max positive elevation : 148 m
  • Min positive elevation : -173 m