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Meet Fred

A unique activity on Reunion, supervised by professionals, we offer you an experience of pure sensations in an exceptional setting.

Reunion Island is

The Ultimate Island !

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The volcano

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Parachuting and trail biking

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Throw yourself into the air

This morning I am preparing to enjoy the most intense experience of my life, above the South coast of Reunion Island: my first parachute jump, 3,000m above sea level from a helicopter!

Reunion Island, the ultimate experience That’s exactly what it is when, like me, you dare to make your first parachute jump, in tandem, from a helicopter. Few destinations in the world offer such an exceptional experience!

We meet at the heliport in Pierrefond, on the cost of Saint-Pierre. A mixture of excitement and stress takes over, but it’s too late to go back. Fred, to whom I will be attached for the big jump, welcomes me for the briefing. His top tip: bend your body like a “banana”, pelvis to the front and chin up as you jump. We climb into the helicopter. The blades start to turn, my heart rate increases, the helicopter climbs. Wow! The view of Reunion Island seen from the sky is already worth it.


Everything speeds up

Fred opens the side door. I’m harnessed to my carrier, in whom I entrust my fate with complete confidence. And we’re off!». We tumble into the void. I have never experienced such a thrilling sensation. I spread my arms, now we’re falling vertically, with only Piton des Neiges, Grand Bénare and the Indian Ocean to watch us.

Those ten or so seconds seem to last for ever. Fred gets out his camera for a few selfies in mid air. Proudly, I manage to smile and strike some casual poses.



The seconds seem to last for ever.
We pass through a small cloud when Fred makes the sign: he opens the parachute. Our fall is stopped dead, we are now suspended in mid air and I can enjoy the panoramic view of the south coast which opens up before me. Underneath us, the ground gets closer, at an increasing speed. It’s time for me to raise my legs and let the pro do the work.

As we touch the ground I feel quite blissful. I would never have imagined doing something so crazy. For a long, long time, I will relive every minute of this experience, the most sensational of any that I have been fortunate enough to enjoy until now!

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