Sunset on the beach

A cocktail facing the setting sun
  • Intensely Revitalising
  • The west coast

Sunset Chill Out

On Reunion Island, the sunsets are best enjoyed on the beach, sipping a good cocktail

The best way to end an intense day on your holiday spent discovering the island’s wealth of riches is to come and admire a sunset on the West coast. So we head off to L’Ermitage beach, where a host of bars and restaurants awaits anyone who loves dazzling shows and romantic moments.

It’s still warm under the casuarina caressed by the trade wind. Let’s take our seats! There’s quite a choice. We can stretch out on sun loungers, settle down on comfortable bean bags or squeeze into a lounge space on the terrace, and decide between a cocktail, cold beer and house punch, served with a few tasty Creole snacks.


Doing nothing at dusk

What’s the best way to spend the last hour of daylight, in this haven of peace? Some people enjoy the less harmful rays of the sun in the late afternoon and stretch out on the hot sand. Others find the call of the lagoon irresistible, with its water flickering under the light of the sunset. We choose to do nothing, all the better to focus on the beauty of this moment.

The sky changes from minute to minute. From orange yellow to flamboyant pink, the clouds painted with changing colours as the sun goes down. The golden disc is already touching the surface of the ocean. It seems in a hurry to disappear, slipping quickly behind the line of the horizon spreading its last rays.


Long evenings in winter and summer

The daylight fades quickly, replaced by the lights behind the beach.
After the silent communion of dusk, music, laughter and the clinking of glasses announce the start of a great evening. It’s a party atmosphere, with the promise of meeting new friends: it’s time to experience the famous friendly atmosphere of Reunion Island!



Relaxing on the beach

Fading orange colours 

A time to take your time