Zen Altitude Ulm

ULM at Sainte-marie

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  • La Réunion seen from the sky, Zen Altitude ULM invites you to discover Île de La Réunion aboard a new-generation, top-of-the-range ultra-light aircraft. A range of tours is on offer, taking in the island’s most stunning landscapes. In order to ensure maximum reliability of take-offs and landings, all flights depart from Roland Garros International Airport. Zen Altitude ULM’s major priority is safety. All aircraft are equipped with an emergency parachute capable of carrying the plane along with passengers and crew.

    Recently, Zen Altitude Ulm offers tourist tours with a gyrocopter. Ancestor of the helicopter, this plane is an aircraft with a free rotor and an open cockpit which gives a large visibility. Sitting in tandem, the passenger feels comfortable for shooting, he can take pictures on the left or right. During the flights, the pilot is always straddling on a pass like this it is possible to discover two cirques at the same time. Another example, the col du Taïbit, during the flight, the gyrocopter flies along the ridge of the Taïbit, which allows passengers to view the Cirques of Cilaos and Mafate at the same time.
    Slower than the ultra-light flight, passengers will have more time to enjoy the landscapes of the island.
    In term of safety it is an aircraft which can land on a distance between 0 and 10 meters maximum and can take off on a small distance between 20 à 80 meters maximum. This aircraft is very stable in turbulence inspiring confidence to the tourists.
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