Jardin de la Maison d'Edith (Le)

Guided tour at Montagne (la), Saint-Denis

- 1 Jardin de la Maison d'Edith
Jardin de la Maison d'Edith allée jacques
Jardin de la Maison d'Edith bassin
Jardin de la Maison d'Edith façade
Jardin de la Maison d'Edith fontaine
Jardin de la Maison d'Edith kiosque
Jardin de la Maison d'Edith vue mer
Jardin de la Maison d'Edith
  • Visiting Jardin de la Maison d’Edith, visitors are taken back to the beginning of the last century to discover the ingenuity of its designers. Beyond just the decor, all the elements that make it up have a functional use in the industrial production of rope at the beginning of the century on our island.

    You will learn all about the history of this forgotten industrial treasure, ie making rope from choca, through the life of this family of small-scale farmers as told by a member of the family. You will visit the hundred-year-old Creole house with its beautifully preserved furniture from that era. You will also learn about the value of choca, an invasive plant today that was so useful back then!

    Jardin de la Maison d’Edith has been listed as a “Remarkable Garden” by the Cultural Affairs Department to encourage and recognise the important conservation work carried out there. The barometer pool, the gigantic schefflera plant, the old water tank transformed into a swimming pool and the stairs made from volcanic rock are just some of the curiosities waiting to be discovered.
    As for your guide who lives and breathes history, he will take you on a journey back in time. Tours take place one Saturday every month at 9.30am. An absolute must!
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