Road-trip in a camper van

3 days of freedom

Meet Vincent and Franck

3 days traveling the roads of Reunion Island

  • Reunion Island is A little piece of paradise
  • Your perfect day Lunch with the family, some sport, and to finish, a swim in the lagoon with family or friends, enjoying the sunset
  • Your favourite place It’s too hard to choose just one, between the cirques and the volcano. I’m happy as long as I’m in the countryside.
  • Your passion Trail running
  • Your favourite dish A good fish tartare
  • Your favourite artist Grèn Semé

3 days of freedom

Are you looking for something original to do with a group of friends, teenagers and children, to enjoy the sun and explore this fantastic island? Then why not set off in a Camper Van!
Come to the Blacksheep Van in La Saline. You’ll get a warm welcome from Vincent and Franck, the good-humoured owners of this newly founded Camper Van hire company.
They will give you a good laugh, reassure you in your choice and know all there is to know about their vehicles. After a coffee and a tour of the place, we finally discover our humble abode for the weekend, the magnificent 5-seater California Beach Camper Van. We are also given a Quatro roof top tent to use, and off we go! We set off happily towards our destination: the majestic Forest of Belouve.
Vincent and Franck’s camper vans are brand new, so very pleasant to drive, comfortable, safe and not noisy at all (except for the squeals of joy coming from our kids in the back).
The camper van is filled with goodies courtesy of Blacksheep Van, a map of Reunion Island, a tourist guide and a Green Charter of the rules to respect when out in the great outdoors. We really appreciated these little added touches!
Our first stop was at the Plaine des Cafres, we felt a few drops of rain on our faces, but the sun shone through and resisted. We all found our inner child and danced with joy around our motorised tipi. Who would have thought that a simple trip in a Camper Van would make us so happy? It’s the attraction of pure freedom, the feeling that you can go anywhere, see anything, feel anything, experience everything.
The advantage of Reunion Island is that you can always easily find places to park. The island’s highlands are ideal for this kind of trip. The roads and facilities are adapted to be able to travel around easily while respecting nature and others.
We could easily find a place to set up camp in Belouve, at the end of a road, with a BBQ and pavilion.
Nightfall came very quickly, and we began to feel the cold. We lit a fire, the children were enthralled by the flames, the teenagers were finally freed from their smartphones and us parents were quite simply at peace.
After a great evening full of laughter and a game of Uno by the fire, under the starry sky, it was time to get into bed, with our heads spinning from the wonderful moments from the day.
The big advantage of a camper van is that everything is practical, logical and each space is optimised.
In just one swift movement, it can transform into a kitchen with a sink, fridge and gas hob, then into a solar shower with warm water, and into a bedroom with a double bed: it’s like magic!
We woke up early, because even though there are black-out blinds on the windows, we didn’t want to miss out on the sunrise in the forest, the special light of a new dawn... It was absolutely fabulous. Reunion Island has so much beauty on offer.
Mother Nature woke up slowly, and after a last walk through the forest and it was time for us to leave this enchanted place.
We absolutely loved our trip. The camper van was so easy to use and so practical. It’s ideal for those who want to get back to basics for a weekend or a few days, to explore Reunion Island as a family, with friends or for a romantic getaway.
For all those who adopt the “Less is more” lifestyle, like to stay in Tiny Houses, and especially for nature lovers looking for an experience of true freedom.
Be more than just tourists, be travelers!


Freedom: a real feeling of being self-sufficient and independent.
Travelling in a camper van means going back to basics: forget about all those things you don't need in life
Time goes on forever
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