Sunset cruise after beach

Musical cruise with a party atmosphere

Meet Franck, Thibault et and the FestiYacht team

Take to the sea to watch the sunset to the sound of music.

  • Reunion Island is The sea, the mountains and the sun!
  • Your perfect day Breakfast on board a boat, watching dolphins and whales, a meal with friends, a little nap and a refreshing dip!
  • Your favourite place Manapany.
  • Your passion Anything to do with sea.
  • Your favourite dish Tahitian style raw fish.
  • Your favourite artist Jacques Brel
Sortie Sunset à bord du Maloya

An unforgettable sunset on board the largest catamaran in the Indian ocean.

Today, I am setting out to sea with the Festiyacht crew, who have promised to teach me how to overcome the Sunday night blues. Their cure: a cruise on a catamaran, to enjoy the sunset to music!
Maloya and its team awaits us at the Titan marina in Le Port They welcome us on board with a big smile. "We’re lucky with the weather", Franck tells us. Just a few clouds can be seen in the distance, that might spice up our sunset.
I discover the lounge on the catamaran, I would never have believed that there could be so much space on this boat! Comfortably settled in the armchairs, we leave the port. It’s our first whiff of sea air and much appreciated by everyone, after this hot day. Once Guy, our captain, has completed all the manoeuvring to get out of the port, we can head to the front of the boat, to really enjoy the sea spray.
The West coast emerges as we get further away from the port. It’s time to hoist the sail and let the wind carry us away. Maloya drifts gently along St Paul bay and its black sand beach. In the background we can see the peaks of Reunion Island. I savour my good fortune to be on this unique island, where you don’t have to choose between the sea and the mountains.
The sky is on fire
In the distance, I can make out Cap Lahoussaye, and its savannah, looking so beautiful in the light of the setting sun. Stretched out on one of the trampolines, I savour this moment as time stands still, gently lulled by the waves. Beside me, some people have ordered a few nibbles. The puff pastry appetisers and smoked fish toasts are delicious.
The moment has come, the sun is flirting with the horizon and the sky is on fire. We are all awestruck by this spectacle, which is even more beautiful from the sea. The sky looks like a giant watercolour painting, whose colours fade as the minutes pass.
On the coast, the city lights are beginning to twinkle, while the boat lights up too. The music, soothing until now, picks up the tempo. It’s time to dance, on the bridge and on the dance floor. There's hit after hit until we hear the acapella vocals of Danyel Waro. The DJ has put on "Bat La Main", an iconic Maloya tune. We can't help clapping our hands and swaying along, to the beat of this ancient Creole music. After dancing for more than an hour we arrive back in the port. Mission accomplished for the FestiYacht team: I think we recharged our batteries for the week!

An evening of relaxation and partying.
Discovering Reunion Island from the sea. 
A unique setting to admire the Sunset. 
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