The savannah on horseback

Once upon a time in the west

Meet Manou, alias Emmanuel

Enjoy a ride on horseback to admire a magical sunset in a unique setting"

  • Reunion Island is 25% of a life filled with hoping that there is 25% more
  • Your perfect day When my horses whisper in my ear that they are okay
  • Your favourite place  Cap la Houssaye at sunset with some whales coming home
  • Your passion  I've done skiing and windsurfing, but the horses have always been there
  • Your favourite dish  "Flèque lozérienne": potatoes with bacon cooked on a wood fire
  • Your favourite artist  Hugues Auffray
Balade à chaval pendant le coucher de soleil dans la savane reunionnaise

In the savannah, at sunset

This evening we will admire the sunset like lovers, riding a horse in the middle of the savannah on the West coast. An unforgettable experience, under the watchful eye of a real-life cowboy!
Manou was waiting for us in his old 4x4 with his dog, the faithful Peluche. Smiles all round as we shake hands: we hit it off instantly with this character who seems to have come straight out of a western. For several years he has been sharing his passion for horses with his visitors, out in the savannah on the West coast.
It's a magical place in the late afternoon, when the sun paints these rolling hills covered in tall grass in gold.
An unforgettable ride

His horses are Quarter Horses and Appaloosas, the kind which live with the cattle on the American plains. They're as gentle as lambs: dream companions for occasional riders like us! After an impressive demonstration of handling a lasso at full gallop, Manou says let's go, with Peluche perched at the back of his saddle.
It's not the first time that we've been on horses, but we will remember this ride for a long time. The savannah bathed in light, our gentle steeds, the silhouette of Manou in front of us: it really feels like getting away from it all, unlike anything we've experienced up to now on Reunion Island.
Ranch and wood fire

The resort of Saint-Gilles is quite close, as the crow flies, but virtually no human traces are visible in the landscape. It feels like we're riding through the vast Wild West, while the sun dips into the Indian Ocean as it does every day. After a perfect two hours, in front of a breathtaking panorama, we head back to the ranch.
Decorated with hundreds of souvenirs - lassos here, a portrait of an Indian chief there - it's just like its creator: superb and surprising. Manou lights a wood fire: like cowboys we have a drink and chat a bit about our lives. With some country music playing in the background of course ! We will remember this day for ever, like a trip within our trip to Reunion Island, when we had a superb experience in a unique setting.
"Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health. To be consumed in moderation"

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  • Balade à chaval pendant le coucher de soleil dans la savane reunionnaise
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