Take to the skies

Enjoy the sumptuous scenery of Réunion from the sky

In the sky above Réunion, graceful sea birds fly through the blue, carving out shapes with their long, thin tails, and multi-coloured paragliding sails draw the eye. The layout of Réunion combined with hot weather all year round make the island one of the most reputed beauty spots on earth !

Discover free flight

It’s not down to chance that Réunion was chosen to host the Paragliding World Cup! Its hugely diverse landscapes, and exceptional sites from the sea to the mountains all give an elevated view of the island, and another side to its incredible beauty! And to start your free flying experience, nothing is better than a tandem flight with professionals. Fancy trying it on your own? Three schools in the higher slopes of Saint-Paul (Bellmène) and above the lagoon at Saint-Leu (Colimaçons) can teach you how to learn the sport and master the intense feelings during take-off… Will you be won over by the botanic gardens of the Conservatoire, the colours of the savage forest and the soft green of the sugar cane fields? Or will be lucky enough to be accompanied by a sea bird while flying over the lagoon on the trail of sea turtles ?

Intense sensations

Réunion can also offer sensations to impress the most hardened of free flyers, thanks to its incredible scenery: its slopes and cirques have been classified as a World Heritage Site by Unesco, and offer an absolutely breath-taking view. Take-off can be arranged on the most beautiful natural site on the island. From Dos d’âne and from Maïdo, you can set off on flights around Mafate, a savage and archetypal area with its small, sparsely populated islands which are only accessible by helicopter or trekking. Taking off from the Dimitile will bring you to the south of the island: Saint-Pierre, le Tampon and l’Entre-Deux. Those in search of even more intense sensations can practice their sport next to the Piton des Neiges, the summit of Réunion at 3,071 metres.