The windward Coast in the East

Things to see and do
Sainte-Rose Anse des cascades île de La Réunion

Waterfalls, pools and primitive forests

The wetter and therefore greener side of the island has an extremely fertile soil – this aspect encouraged agricultural workers from India to settle here. The land is exploited as much as possible (sugar cane, vanilla…) but with the abundant waterfalls, pools and primitive forests, Mother Nature is still firmly in control...

St André

What to see and do:

  • the Colosse Temple (guided tours)
  • the Colosse Park (playground)
  • the Bois-Rouge Sugar Refinery
  • the Petit Bazar Temple 


What to see and do in Bras-Panon: 

  • the vanilla cooperative
  • the coastal footpath
  • walk around and take a dip at Bassin la Mer
  • gorge walking in the Rivière des Roches

St Benoît

What to see and do St Benoît: 

  • walk along the banks of the Rivière des Marsouins to visit Ilet Coco and Bethléem
  • rafting or swimming in the Rivière des Marsouins
  • viewpoint and trekking at Takamaka
  • viewpoint and horse-back tours of the Grand Etang
  • stunning church at St Anne


St Rose

What to see and do:

  • the old suspension bridge
  • Anse des cascades
  • coastal footpath
  • the "Notre Dame des laves" Church