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An extraordinary and unspoilt island

It’s possible to combine protecting nature with tourism! And this is exactly the sort of holiday you can enjoy on Reunion Island. With 40 per cent of the island designated by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site, protecting nature has become a real priority here.

As soon as you set foot on Reunion, you’ll notice that nature is omnipresent – wherever you are on the island. Spectacular cirques, vertiginous peaks and steep cliffs are just a few of the exceptional natural sites that make up the beauty of the island. And they’re all good reasons to preserve this environment, which is as magnificent as it is fragile.

To protect the breathtaking landscapes of La Réunion, please find easy to follow eco-tips :

Environmentally friendly tourist charter:

Admire the vegetation that you come across during your walks – but with your eyes only! Picking, or even touching, certain specimens contributes to damaging Reunion’s biosphere.


Are you going on a walk or a hike? Remember not to throw anything away outdoors! Better still, equip yourself with some reusable containers for a totally waste-free walk.


Follow the marked trails rather than venturing off the beaten track. You’ll avoid damaging the plants and will be sure not to get lost!


If you’re lucky enough to come across one of this remarkable island’s typical animals, it’s OK to take a photo, but don’t endanger yourself by getting too close. Remember: you’re on its territory!


Choose low-impact means of travel, such as cycling, to explore Reunion.


Book activities or accommodation that are committed to respecting the environment and reducing your carbon footprint.


Eat local! You’ll be spoilt for choice for savouring Reunion’s tropical flavours.



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