The brand-new culinary experience

Culinary Logbook

Reunion Island

Offer visitors an experience of Reunion Island through its culinary treasures, local products and passionate, talented local craftspeople. This is the challenge that the destination set itself, to provide an experience for epicurean travellers, foodies or just those wanting to try new tastes and culinary experiences.

A wave of creativity, modernity and audacity is sweeping through the kitchens of Reunion Island, to satisfy the new expectations of these food-loving visitors, whether it is in our traditional ‘boucans’ or more modern establishments. We can now expect a more plant-based, local and responsible cuisine, straight out of the oven.

Reunion Island is a land of diversity and a melting pot where every region boasts its own atmosphere. From the raging volcano to the peaceful lagoon, we can distinguish 7 different atmospheres altogether, each offering a unique setting for a gourmet exploration of the island through its different flavours. Let’s help you set the scene.

A culinary journey

Our 7-course meal on a journey across Reunion Island

From the palm heart roll reminding us of the waves rolling up on the shores of the wild south coast to a  refreshing fish carpaccio from the west of the island via the meat grilling over the crackling embers of a volcano or the light puff pastry hinting to our traditional Creole dwellings. These 7 dishes concocted by chef Georgios Spandos will take you on a culinary (and cultural!) exploration of our island’s 7 atmospheres.

Get on your aprons, it’s time to awaken the chef inside you. Bon voyage… And bon appetit!

“Are you itching to get out in the great outdoors? Forget the tables and chairs and opt for a picnic instead. The picnic is an institution on Reunion Island and, just like the local cuisine, it is continually innovating, to offer food-loving travellers the chance to experience something new, that calls upon all the senses. A pleasure for the taste buds and a pleasure to look at too! ”

Colourful, audacious and innovative

7 cocktails for a typical Reunion Island aperitif

Facing the sunset with your feet in the sand, sitting at the bar in one of the capital’s trendy places to be or just comfortably seated at home, cocktails are always an invitation to travel around Reunion Island and it’s like looking at a gourmet postcard of your travels.

Squeeze the juice from a tangor or Victoria pineapple, infuse with turmeric, lemongrass or coffee, and then add a zest of coconut or ginger. The flavours and colours come together as these 7 cocktail recipes are either shaken or stirred. Cheers!

“Flavours, colours, scents… The cuisine of Reunion is just like the island itself: vibrant and generous. This melting pot is an endless source of creativity for our local culinary experts. The goal is to showcase this diversity in our dishes and our beverages, offering an immersive voyage that calls upon all the senses, a unique adventure.

The possibilities are endless, and this is reflected in these recipes for dishes and cocktails. Are you a professional and you too would like to join us on this culinary adventure?

The 7 atmospheres of Reunion Island

From the fresh air of the Highlands to the heat of the west coast, from the unpredictable volcano to the peaceful cirques of Mafate, Salazie and Cilaos, Reunion Island is a rare gem with so much to offer. This new culinary experience we are offering will showcase the sheer wealth of Reunion Island for visitors, through 7 different atmospheres.

7 regions just waiting to welcome you on your next adventure to the Ultimate Island.