Let’s meet Claire Falconnet, a ceramist with a passion, whose talent blossoms amid the contrasting landscapes of Reunion Island. Plunged into the captivating world of pottery, Claire reveals her artistic approach, her love for the Reunion Island nature and the secrets behind her unique colour creations. An artist who leaves her mark, like a precious piece of pottery shaped by the passage of time within the history of Reunion’s gastronomy.

Creativity that flourishes against an exceptional backdrop

Claire Falconnet settled on Reunion Island 22 years ago, a decision that appears to have brought out the artist and craftswoman in her. Clearly serene, she confides: “I am lucky to work at home, surrounded by nature. The soothing setting is essential to me, because it inspires me and connects me with the very essence of my art.” For this ceramist, the Reunion wilderness, the cirques in particular, with the birds singing in the morning and the smell of rain on the earth, are an everlasting source of inspiration.

“I was irresistibly drawn to this authentic heart of the village, far from the concrete and tarmac. I need earth and nature to bring my creations to life.”

Claire’s love for Reunion goes way beyond the island’s photogenic beauty. “When I came to Reunion, I felt a unique and profound atmosphere. The desert landscapes, the luxuriant cirques and the dense vegetation have all had an effect on me and nurtured my art.” Today, this love for the ultimate island and its generous nature is reflected in every one of her creations.

Claire Falconnet embodies the unique alchemy between her art, her love of nature and her desire to exalt the colours that ooze from this enchanting island we call Reunion.

Ceramics, an avant-garde passion

25 years ago, when Claire Falconnet decided to become a professional ceramist, the world of pottery was little known and neglected by many. But she persevered, guided by her instinct and her passion for clay, regardless of the tendencies of that period. Nowadays, ceramics are all the trend. Claire, with her years of experience, now combines her expertise with the inspirations and desires of the island’s chefs. Hence, she creates unique pieces, made to measure and visible at all the best restaurants on the island, where she can fully express her creativeness.

When earth brings out the magic in colour

In Claire Falconnet’s studio, the magic of colour becomes visible in her unique, carefully constituted enamels. Working in a threesome with the earth’s elements, minerals and iron oxides, and varying the combinations, Claire obtains some interesting enamel bases. She then uses metal oxides to add nuances and hues, creating a unique range of shimmering colours. The artist takes her inspiration from the natural surroundings: ashes from guava and longan trees, whitewash from old ovens, red earth rich in iron oxide, and volcanic basalt add their magic to the nuances she creates. To Claire, nature is a life-sized colour palette that she enjoys observing to make her unique pieces, in the subtle green of celadon, for example, or her intense reds.


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