Christine Javegny, AKA ‘Madame Glaces’, has a passion for Reunion’s nature. She offers a unique culinary experience based on local, seasonal products that she uses fresh every day in her food truck to create delicious ‘instant’ ice creams that are both original and healthy. Inspired by the natural and cultural wealth of Reunion Island, her concept highlights the island’s best produce and reflects the abundance and diversity of each of its micro-regions.

The ‘Healthy Food’ concept: Local, healthy eating

After opening a pizza truck with her husband, Christine quickly realised the importance of offering her clients fresh, quality products. Her own food intolerances encouraged her to explore healthier but just as delicious alternatives to her desserts, which is how she developed a passion for ice cream. From the fresh, natural ingredients of Reunion, she created innovative recipes that appealed to the eye and quickly won over the islanders. That is how Madame Glaces came up with her ‘Healthy Food’ approach, giving pride of place to local, wholesome ingredients. To Christine, healthy eating is all about consuming raw foods that have been organically grown or responsibly produced and sourced through local distribution channels. So she turned to ‘pei’ fruit varieties like pitaya and mango, ‘pei’ flowers like the blue clitoria, or superfoods like açaí to create her original, colourful ice creams. By using natural ingredients and avoiding industrial products, Madame Glaces offers an authentic and healthy experience for both the eyes and the palate. According to Christine, “It if looks good, it can only taste good!”

The art of exalting the nature of Reunion Island

For Madame Glaces, it all began with a passion for nature. She comes from a traditional family in the South of France and has always been familiar with produce from the land and the sea. Nowadays, Madame Glaces lives on Reunion’s west coast where she feels perfectly at one with the ocean and the natural surroundings. She strives to reflect the very essence of Reunion in her ice creams, using ingredients that conjure images of the sea, the beach, the mountains, the flowers and all the island’s diversity. Madame Glaces offers us an ode to the local culture and the generosity of nature. Thanks to her novel concept and her passion for ‘pei’ products, her deliciously creative ice creams contain all the  colours the island has to offer.

A refreshing, authentic and delicious achievement

Madame Glaces owes this success to her commitment to fresh, natural products and her ability to create ice creams that are both delicious and appealing to the eye. Oozing with the wealth and diversity of Reunion cuisine, her creations are appreciated by residents across the entire island. Her creativity results in a varied menu that changes through the seasons, depending on the fruit that’s available. By offering a unique visual and gustatory experience, Madame Glaces has won a place in the hearts of Reunion Islanders and travellers in search of authentic, healthy food.


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