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Whales of Reunion Island

The secrets of the Reunion Island whales

The whales of Reunion Island are the queens of the ocean, and enthusiasts find them fascinating and take great joy in observing them. Reunion Island is one of the best places in the world to discover the underwater magical world of these giants of the sea. There are expeditions available to get as close as possible to these cetaceans, while respecting their well-being and environment.

Did you know ?

Humpback whales can be seen on Reunion Island during the austral winter, from June to October.

Observe these marine animals while respecting them

Observing dolphins or whales on Reunion Island is always a wonderful experience! To avoid disturbing or causing stress to these incredible animals, make sure you are accompanied with professionals who respect the charter and regulations for approaching cetaceans.
Aboard a boat or with a diving centre, this experience is absolutely fantastic, in complete harmony with the ocean and its residents.

For those who prefer to stay on dry land

 You can also admire these giants of the sea from dry land, nothing could be more simple. Headlands have been especially adapted all the way along the west coast of the island, to give you a breath-taking view of the ocean. Le Barachois is a particularly good place to observe whales from dry land. You’ll even be able to listen to the call of the whales from here, thanks to an offshore buoy with a radio transmitter. You’ll find this at the seafront in Saint-Denis.

Protect the marine mammals of Reunion Island

It is urgent and of the utmost importance to protect Reunion Island’s marine wildlife, so a number of tools have been made available, including a charter that was created in 2009, for approaching and observing the animals in a responsible way. Every year, this charter is updated by local organisations, and it includes several recommendations to be able to approach the animals in a respectful way from a boat and from the water. A must-read before heading out to sea!

In 2013, a label was created with the goal of recognising the people and organisms involved in marine life and who wish to be acknowledged for their work in protecting cetaceans. You can now identify those who choose to respect animals and the environment: a great initiative to be able to make better choices while staying on Reunion Island.

Another recent initiative is “Quiétude”, to raise awareness and ensure that whale watchers respect the peace-and-quiet of the cetaceans.

Don’t hesitate to contact them if you have any questions about the charter, the animals or the regulations. They will be delighted to inform and advise you!

Contact Quiétude  https://cedtm-asso.org/quietude/

Read the Charter for approaching and observing marine mammals and sea turtles on Reunion Island

The different marine mammals that you can observe Reunion Island

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