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Turtles of Reunion Island

Sea turtles are a protected species on Reunion Island

The turtle is the oldest species of the Reunion Island ocean

As it can be traced 230 million years back, the turtle is the oldest species of the Reunion Island ocean… But also on dry land! On the ultimate island, you’ll be able to discover the land and sea versions of this reptile.

Why is the turtle a protected species ?

Turtles are hunted for their flesh and their shell, making them an extremely endangered species. Pollution, accidental fishing, poaching and climate change are also factors that are jeopardising the survival of turtles on Reunion Island. Today more so than ever, this thousand-year-old creature needs our help: all the sea turtle species on Reunion Island are therefore protected.

What should we do if we see a sea turtle ?

If you find an injured turtle, call the Kélonia centre and they will tell you what to do, depending on the situation +262 (0)2 62 34 81 10 

Don’t try to touch or stroke a turtle
Never turn over or move a turtle
Do not feed turtles

Come and see the sea turtles on Reunion Island, aboard a transparent kayak

Visit Kélonia, Reunion Island’s sea turtle observatory

On Reunion Island, there is a place that is entirely devoted to turtles. Kélonia is a museum, a research centre and also an aquarium and recovery centre. It is accessible to anyone who wants to find out more about these fascinating animals.
Spread over a surface area of almost 1,500m2, there are workshops and scientific areas to learn about what they do here at Reunion Island’s sea turtles observatory. The centre also has a research and protection programme that focuses on protecting these animals in the Indian Ocean.


Did you know ?

Kélonia was once a turtle farm on Reunion Island, and it has now been transformed into a sanctuary for these magnificent creatures. What a turnaround !

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