©Photographe|Serge Gélabert

Bountiful vegetation

Did you know ?

There are over six hundred plant species thriving on Reunion Island !

The ideal habitat for the plants of Reunion Island

Reunion Island has a tropical climate, here the elements come together: water, earth, fire and air invite the traveller on a unique adventure at the heart of the Indian Ocean. From lush forests to the savannahs scorched by the sun, the clear waters of the lagoons to the active volcano: each landscape boasts an exceptional biotope.

A unique vegetation

The wildlife here has come from all over the world, and in fact shares the same history as the new species that have flourished on Reunion Island. These species are known as endemic, because they cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

All the benefits of Reunion Island plants…

In a herbal tea !

The most beautiful plants of Reunion Island

1. Sophora sp: This tree can be seen in the Cilaos region, it blooms in the summer and has a persistent foliage. Not to be confused with the Sophora, known as “the little tamarind of the Highlands”!

2. Pisonia lanceolata: Despite it’s trunk measuring one metre in diameter, this specimen has only just been discovered in the ravines of Reunion Island! For a long time, it was considered to be an endemic plant of Mauritius.

3. Dombeya sp (female): The Dombeya sp can be found all over the island at low and medium altitudes. This Reunion Island plant can be distinguished by its large trunk and particularly fragrant winter flowers! Not to be confused with the Dombeya ciliata!

4. Dombeya sp (male): The Dombeya sp male is often mistaken for the Dombeya ficulnea. It has a magnificent silver foliage and blooms in the summer. This subshrub measures less than 4m and can be found all over the island, at altitudes between 1,200 and 2,200m.