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The most beautiful birds

Of Reunion Island

Reunion Island, a bird’s paradise

From the east coast to the west coast, the urban north to the wild south, not-to-mention the Cirques and Plains, all you have to do is look up and you’ll see the beautiful birds of Reunion Island. Thanks to the exceptional biodiversity and numerous microclimates, you can observe some unique wildlife on Reunion Island. Why not take the opportunity for a day out with the whole family?

Did you know ?

Birds were actually the very first inhabitants of Reunion Island! A long time before the first sailors discovered the ultimate island, birds had already chosen to settle on this protected land.

The tropicbird, the muse of the Reunion Island seas

As you wander the island, you’ll come across the seabirds of Reunion Island, such as the gracious tropicbird. To see them, you’ll need to head to the coastal beaches and watch for them in the sky.

The colourful birds of the Highlands

A whole other dimension: once you’re in the mountains, you’re now in the Reunion Harrier’s territory, who circles the skies up above the cirques. This is also the preferred habitat of the most colourful birds of Reunion Island such as the Village Weaver, the Cardinal or the charming Reunion cuckooshrike!

An encounter with the feathered friends of the forest

Now head towards Belouve Forest which is well-known as the chosen habitat of a number of different species.  Here, you’ll be able to observe and maybe even photograph some birds that you won’t find anywhere else in the world! Keep an eye on the small bushes and trees, that’s often the chosen habitat of the Reunion grey white-eye. Along the side of the roads, you might be lucky enough to see some red cardinals. And if you’re really lucky, the Mascarene paradise flycatcher, a curious little bird will come right up to meet you!

A feeling of déjà-vu

You might also see some birds that you are used to seeing in Europe!  Some species were brought here by mankind, such as the Myna, doves, martins, sparrows or weaverbirds…

Some important info: No, you’re not going to see the famous Dodo on the island because this species has been extinct for a long time now. The bird features on the logo of the local “Dodo” beer though.

A must-have if you’re going on a walk: The book “Papangues: les rapaces de La Réunion” by Sarah Caceres, Jean Noel Jasmin and Olivier Payet has recently been published. You can find it in Reunion Island bookstores!