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Cirque of Cilaos

A taste of freedom

Escape to the peak of Reunion Island! 

You’ll have the feeling of ultimate freedom at the Cirque of Cilaos on Reunion Island!  ThePiton des Neiges (3,069 metres high), is the highest point of the Indian Ocean. What a way to escape to the highlands, far from the hectic pace of urban life. Cilaos also stands out from the Cirque of Salazie and Mafate because it is much more sunny and dry, not-to-mention its Pitons, Cirques and Ramparts that are listed as world heritage sites by Unesco. Inside the Cirque, there are canyons and deep ravines (Fleur Jaune, Bras Rouge, Gobert…), pitons (Piton de Sucre, Bonnet de Prêtre, Morne de Gueule Rouge…), all forming a spectacular landscape and an unforgettable experience. All of this, added to the altitude of 1,200m make Cilaos a truly unforgettable place.

Did you know ?

The name Cilaos is thought to come from the Malgache “tsilaosa”, meaning “the place we never leave”. We can see why !

Get a rush of adrenaline in Cilaos !

All year round, the magnificent setting of the Cirque of Cilaos on Reunion Island is an invitation to come on an adventure. The mystery of the high cliffs, incised valleys, pitons, torrents and other small lone islands known as “ilets” (Palmiste Rouge, Mare Sèche, Peter Both, Ilet à Cordes, Ilet Chicot, Bras Sec) make it heaven on earth for sports fanatics. Those looking for a place to go running in the mountains, hiking, canyoning, climbing or mountain biking, look no further. There are some magical hiking trails up to the Piton des Neiges, the Roche Merveilleuse, some adventure trails through the forest of cryptomerias, not-to-mention walks through the town centre… The Cirque is a real-life playground.

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Cilaos on Reunion Island, preserved beauty

Walk the tightrope through the heights of Cilaos on Reunion Island with Olivier

Escalade aux 3 Salazes
Escalade aux 3 Salazes
Escalade aux 3 Salazes

Enjoy the pure natural elements of the Cirque of Cilaos

Cilaos on Reunion Island is a high mountain Creole village with overwhelming charm and that benefits from the wonderful virtues of the natural elements. Breathe in deeply and take advantage of the pure and intensely fresh air here. Take in your surroundings and let the splendour of the rugged rocks take you back to the important things in life. Get the break you deserve with the spa treatments at the Irénée Accot Thermal spa. This is the only thermal spa resort on Reunion Island, and it is renowned for its undeniable healing virtues and sparkling mineral water. A well-deserved moment of relaxation after a long walk or the climb up to the Piton des Neiges.

Cilaos on Reunion Island, you’ll always be back !

You’ll instantly fall in love with Cilaos and the superb Creole dwellings, gardens full of flowers and arts and crafts shops. Stop by the small market and see all the local specialities of the Cirque: lentils, wine, spices, fruit, vegetables, local products, arts and crafts. 

Explore the must-sees of the area, such as the Maison de la broderie and the beautiful, traditional embroidered artworks using the technique known as “jours de Cilaos”, the Chai de Cilaos and the Maison du Vin to find out more about the vineyard and production.

Are you looking for a family-friendly day out? Come and relax on the shores of the Mare à Joncs and admire the panoramic views of the surrounding cliffs and dizzy peaks. Cilaos is just as beautiful at night as it is during the day!

To see for yourself, there is a wide range of accommodation and restaurants available in the village: hotels, guesthouses or mountain gites. An unforgettable experience awaits you.

Experience the atmosphere of the Cirque of Cilaos

At the heart of the Land of Tracks!
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