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Delicious products of Reunion Island

An island full of flavours

At the markets, restaurants or table d’hôte services, the colours and scents of Reunion Island are all around you, bringing colour to the lives of the local people! The ultimate island is the nerve centre of culinary pleasures, combining influences from all over the world, and producing dishes full of flavour.

The whole family will find something they love among the local products of Reunion Island.

Did you know ?

Have you heard of “bredes”? This is actually the word used to describe the leaves and stalks of various edible plants (chayote, Chinese cabbage, pumpkin or moringa…). They are generally served as a mix, seasoned with garlic, ginger, onion and chili.

Enjoy a traditional cari in the great outdoors

Top 5 unusual products of Reunion Island

When we think of Reunion Island, straight away we think of the delicious steaming hot “cari” or the melt-in-the-mouth “bonbons piments”! But the ultimate island is in fact full of surprising delights, have you tried any of them?


These are fish eggs that are born in the sea and travel upstream during the new moon period.


This small hedgehog is very popular with fans of gizzards looking for something new.


This small octopus is excellent served in a “cari” or roasted.

The banana flower

Also known as “baba-figue”, this banana flower can be used in many recipes of Reunion Island.

Wasp larvae

Or Reunion caviar as it is known here! They are traditionally enjoyed fried, and often served on Sundays.