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The main local drinks


In Reunion, there’s a drink for every occasion: to accompany a curry, to enjoy during an evening with friends or to quench your thirst after a hike. Fruity, refreshing or spicy, Reunionese drinks are like Creole cuisine: varied and colourful !

Festive drinks

There’s a wide variety of imported beers in Réunion, but the undisputed star is ‘la dodo’ Bourbon beer.

The introduction of new grape varieties has made it possible to produce red, rosé and white wines in the Cirque de Cilaos: ‘le vin de Cilaos’.

The true ‘national’ drink, however, is rum. Beware of young rum (4 months): it might look light, but it’s powerful stuff! Rum can be arrangé (infused) with spices, such as vanilla, herbs and fruit – pineapple, lychee, kaffir lime, for example. All Réunion’s tropical fruits are used to make punches.

(Alcohol abuse is dangerous for your health, consume in moderation.)

Thirst-quenching drinks

Cilaos water is bottled locally and sold throughout Reunion. This sparkling mineral water is obtained from the Source Véronique, one of the island’s three thermal springs. It is drawn from more than 13m underground near the old thermal baths, on the road to Îlet à Cordes.

Sparkling, crystal clear, refreshing and supple, with a slight salty note, Cilaos water contains bicarbonates, calcium, sulphates and magnesium. Its health-giving properties range from aiding digestion to improving liver function, maintaining tissue and eliminating pollutants.

The Edena water is a popular soft drink for celebrations: during festive periods, colourful bottles are sold in limited editions. You’ll find it served in restaurants and homes throughout Reunion.