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Immerse yourself in the history of coffee

A unique experience

8 days to discover coffee

Head for Saint-Leu. Overlooking the bay of Saint-Leu, in the heart of a lush natural environment, Iloha Seaview Hôtel*** offers warm hospitality with a smile and attentive service. It’s a holiday with a different spirit. Try this little paradise in the highlands of Saint-Leu village, between the heavens and the sea, and enjoy a typical experience.

Day 1 & 2

Lunch A relaxing afternoon Dinner and night at the hotel

The next day, not far away in Chaloupe Saint-Leu, visit the coffee and fruit orchards at Café-Hier. Tasting famous Bourbon Pointu coffee is part of the tour!

For lunch, we suggest you to go to Villa Vanille in Saint-Leu or by the sea in Saint-Gilles.

In Saint-Gilles-les-Bains, don’t miss the Jardin d’Eden. With English-style design, a visit to this tropical and ethnobotanical landscaped garden includes a guided walk around the 2.5-hectare park.

Wind up the day with a little sunset boat trip aboard the Grand Bleu! Dinner and night at Iloha Seaview*** Hôtel in Saint-Leu.

Day 3

Day 3: explore the Saint-Leu “lontan” with the “Leu Pack Nature et Patrimoine” nature and heritage tour.

The tour includes a visit of the Conservatoire Botanique de Mascarin where the unparalleled scale of diversity and fragility of Reunion Island flora is explained. Discover an international collection of coffee trees, tropical fruits, palm trees, a wide variety of cactus, orchids and ferns and even more.

After lunch, visit the sea-turtle observatory. The Kélonia centre is a pleasant stop where you can admire the animals and learn all about how they adapt to different coasts around the island where they come to reproduce.

In the evening, dine and spend the night at Iloha Seaview Hôtel***.

Day 4

Leave for L’Entre-Deux in the south, and visit the Jardin de L’Entre-Deux Songes, an authentic Creole garden, where you can taste local products.

For lunch we suggest you try L’arbre à Palabres or Le Longanis restaurant. Then, the heritage tour Entre lambrequins et patrimoine to learn all about L’Entre-Deux village and lifestyle on Reunion Island. Stroll up and down the streets and lanes of the village and be submerged in the history of Creole habitats.

Are you interested in the history of coffee on Reunion Island?

Then follow the guide of the special coffee tour: L’Entre-Deux et le Café ou l’Arôme d’une Histoire. Discovery the steps of péi coffee preparation, roasted on a wood fire. Taste Bourbon Pointu – a precious Arabica and the only one of its kind in the world.

Settle in your room in L’Entre Deux Rêves and soak up the peace in this haven between the sea and mountains. It’s very comfortable and has amazing views! Dine on site in a friendly, multicultural atmosphere.

Day 5

Still in the south the next day, pursue your coffee experience with a visit to a coffee estate: Domaine du Café Grilleé in Pierrefonds. The visit starts with the discovery of exotic plants with an enchanting palette of colours and fragrances. Sample various coffees from the four corners of the world.

Have lunch on the port of Saint-Pierre, then head to Trois Mares to visit the Bourbon Pointu de Fleur de K’fé coffee plantation followed by a tasting served with sweet delicacies in the café. The ocean view from here is magnificent!

In Mont-Vert les Hauts, La Cour Montvert  guesthouse awaits you for dinner and a restful night. Enjoy soothing Creole authenticity in the serenity of exotic cottages.

It’s also a table d’hôte and an organic fruit farm where local products are made.

Day 6

In Grand Coude and visit Maison du Laurina. Taste Bourbon Pointu coffee and its by-products and listen to stories about the unique history of Bourbon coffee.

The owners propose a picnic in the garden!

Settle in to your room at L’Eucalyptus  in the afternoon and visit a tea field to learn all about the plant.

L’Eucalyptus is a relaxing, calm and fragrant halt for dinner and overnight. Dishes with local flavours are made with farm produce and feature “lontan” fruit and vegetables and other Bourbon Pointu specialities. And in the right season, you can watch geranium being cooked.

Day 7

A new day begins…

Explore the south coast and head for the Jardin des Parfums et des Epices. Over 1,500 species of plants for perfumes, spices, cabinets, ornaments and medicinal treatments. Why not have lunch at the Marmite du Pêcheur in Saint-Philippe. Then take time for a totally free and leisurely walk along the wild coast of the Great South.

Sainte-Rose. Tonight you’re staying at the Cana Suc. Need some ideas for dinner? The hotel-restaurant La Fournaise or Joyau des Laves.

Day 8

Stay on in Sainte-Rose the next morning for a guided tour of a vanilla grove at Vanilla Bourbon on a four-hectare farm of endemic forest.

Then head for Saint-Benoît, 15 minutes away,  for lunch at Le Vieux Domaine.

Enjoy an afternoon of relaxation in the lush east of the island and visit the tropical flower fields and fruit orchards of Plantation Mélissa. A 100% natural break…

If it takes your fancy, head to the highlands of Sainte-Marie to settle into a room at Villa des Cannes, an elegant, comfortable guesthouse with a blend of contemporary spirit and bygone Creole charm,  surrounded by a tropical garden with fruit trees. Unwind until it’s time to leave the next day.