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The Tea

A fine artisanal harvesting

Reunion Island’s tea is cultivated in “Grand-Coude”

A change of air, ideal for cooling off in the softness of the Reunion Island heights, Grand-Coude enjoys a microclimate suitable for tea plantations.
It is the temperature of the region and the richness of the soil in this corner of the island, that grant this product its originality.

 A culture after organic farming

The harvesting of terminal buds is done by hand, between 6 am and 9 am, and is the subject of everyone’s attention, it is a technique that guarantees the quality of the white tea of Grand-Coude“. White tea of Grand-Coude” can be drunk plain or flavored with cinnamon, lemongrass and even the rose geranium. Like all good drinks, there is no need to sweeten it in order to appreciate it.

It can be consumed without moderation.