©Photographe|Franck GRONDIN(FROG 974)

The palmetto

A precious dish

When someone says Palmiste, the eyes of any true Reunion Islander sparkle with joy! Le Palmiste is, like Le Bichique, a celebratory dish par excellence.

An elegant shrub

The palmetto is a tree from the palm family and grows in wetlands. Previously, it was found in abundance in the forests on Réunion Island. The palmetto dies when it is cut. Today a protected species, it is often found in the gardens of Creole houses or on the premises of a few farmers in Sainte-Rose, Saint-Philippe and Plaine des Palmistes. It can measure a dozen meters in height, its leaves are also quite large and can reach 2 to 3 metres in length. 

The palmheart called palm cabbage is very appreciated in cooking, its delicate taste and crunchy texture have always made palm cabbage an excellent gastronomic delicacy.