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The screwpine (Pandanus Utilis), a tree of the pandanaceae family, is grown just about everywhere on the island, especially the East coast and the Wild South. It has a surprising, elegant appearance with brace roots, and leaves forming a parasol at the crown, which reaches heights of up to seven metres.

There are several other species, which include Pandanus Purpurescens, Pandanus Montanus and Pandanus Sylvestris. The spherical fruit, locally known as “pimpin” is covered in miniature polygons and turns yellow as it ripens.

From cookery to crafts

The screwpine heart is eaten in the same way as palm hearts: in salads, stews, and traditional Reunion dishes, such as screwpine heart with boucané (smoked meat). The screwpine is used as an ornamental tree, serves as a windbreak and provides support for the vanilla vine.

The leaves are used in traditional crafts:  wickerwork “bertels” (traditional Reunion Island haversacks), hats, bags, table mats, etc. To discover or rediscover the art of weaving screwpine leaves, meet the craftspeople by joining one of the workshops proposed across the island.

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